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Re: [Wg-test-framework] ThunderX machines (for the Xen Project OSSTEST Test Lab) [and 1 more messages]

Frank Motta writes ("RE: [Wg-test-framework] ThunderX machines (for the Xen 
Project OSSTEST Test Lab) [and 1 more messages]"):
>       In reading through this, it appears that you are having OS boot issues.
>       Can you provide me with:
>       - the complete output from the serial console (the DB9 connector above 
> the VGA) - from cold power on until the failure
>       - a screen capture of the BMC WebUI which contains the version 
> information

I think you have misunderstood.  I was concerned that there might be
bugs of this kind because we have seen it with another vendor's
systems, with some firmware versions.  The other vendor provided a
firmware fix.  We don't have a problem with your systems - we don't
even have the ThunderX boxes yet.

However: your answer reassures me that if we do have a problem we'll
get a good level of support :-).

So I am now content from a technical point of view that these machines
should be useable for us.

Lars, I think we want an ack from Julien on the final hardware
configuration, but from my point of view we can go ahead with the


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