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Re: [Wg-test-framework] ThunderX machines (for the Xen Project OSSTEST Test Lab)

Hello all,
        Sorry about absence due to a home emergency.

        I am the primary FAE supporting the ThunderX systems sitting in the 
Cavium HQ offices.  

        Is it possible to get a summary of the need and problem please?


Frank Motta
Field Applications Engineer for Cavium
408-943-7615 (O)  510-757-8909 (C) 
Phoenics Electronics

Proudly celebrating over 10 years supporting Cavium customers

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Subject: Re: ThunderX machines (for the Xen Project OSSTEST Test Lab)

Hi Ian,

On 09/02/17 11:54, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Julien Grall writes ("Re: ThunderX machines (for the Xen Project OSSTEST Test 
> Lab)"):
>> On 08/02/17 14:29, Ian Jackson wrote:
>>> Do you know that these machines work with some upstream Linux and if 
>>> so which upstream Linux version ?
>> The upstream support of Thunder-X was still going on recently. Linux 
>> 4.9 would be the first upstream kernel booting on Thunder-X. However, 
>> this is only with Device Tree support. You would have to use 4.10 for 
>> ACPI support.
> We boot (mainly) two kinds of kernels: 1. ones provided by Debian, for 
> native (non-Xen) installations.  2. our own builds, with Xen (and 
> these can be any suitable git branch, but we would prefer them to be 
> some upstream version).
> Debian jessie-backports has Linux 4.9.  So it seems that it should be 
> fine.  I don't think we need our native installs to be ACPI.
>> Note that the default arm64 config will not work out of box on this 
>> board. You will need to enable more options in it.
> Below is a copy of /boot/config-4.9.0-0.bpo.1-arm64 from Debian's 
> package linux-image-4.9.0-0.bpo.1-arm64_4.9.2-2~bpo8+1_arm64.deb.

Looking at the config, options for Thunder-X are not enabled (e.g 

 From what I gathered in my team, there is a package 4.9.6 which has Thunder-X 
options. However, it is only available on unstable for now. It should reach 
testing soon and we can then request for a backport.


Julien Grall

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