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Re: [win-pv-devel] xe not shutting down WinXP

On 19/10/16 17:06, Paul Durrant wrote:

>> My aim here is not really the PV drivers, but simply the shutdown
>> mechanism.  Is there any way to get that much working?
> If you have your VM configured to shut down on an ACPI power switch event 
> then you should be able trigger that from the toolstack and the VM should 
> obligingly shut down.

In WinXP device manager I see "ACPI Uniprocessor PC" and under system
devices "ACPI Fixed Feature Button".  In the "Power Options" control
button, it is set to shut down when the button is pressed.

How do I tell the "xe" tool to send the ACPI shutdown to the domU?  Or
do I need to set something first with vm-param-set?  Is that even
supported for XCP/XenServer?  Google found some examples for "xl" users
but not for "xe".

It is definitely a HVM guest, XCP is v4.1



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