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[Xen-API] RE: [Xen-devel] release of 'xapi' toolstack

Mark Johnson wrote:
> Other than the GUI, what will remained closed source in the
> XenServer product?  i.e. are there any extensions to the cli,
> xapi? Any additional libs not present in xen-api-libs.hg?
> Any extensions to blktap?

At present a few server-side pieces are not open-source. These are (from 
1. the heartbeat/liveset management daemon which is needed for HA (xapi talks 
to this via a simple interface)
2. some 3rd party FC tools
3. a few storage backends (NetApp, EQL and StorageLink)

Some pieces of the XenServer product (eg 'Workload Balancing') are actually 
off-box windows services which talk to xapi via the API. These are closed.

> I assume things like the p2v and v2v tools will remain
> closed source...

Actually there is some basic linux P2V stuff in there: the install CD doubles 
as a P2V client, which uploads to a special 'P2V' VM 


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