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Re: [Xen-devel] release of 'xapi' toolstack

On Tue, Nov 03, 2009 at 06:35:16PM +0000, Dave Scott wrote:
> Mark Johnson wrote:
> > Other than the GUI, what will remained closed source in the
> > XenServer product?  i.e. are there any extensions to the cli,
> > xapi? Any additional libs not present in xen-api-libs.hg?
> > Any extensions to blktap?
> At present a few server-side pieces are not open-source. These are (from 
> memory):
> 1. the heartbeat/liveset management daemon which is needed for HA (xapi talks 
> to this via a simple interface)
> 2. some 3rd party FC tools
> 3. a few storage backends (NetApp, EQL and StorageLink)

Hmm.. Citrix XenServer doesn't currently support iSCSI multipathing with
EQL storage. I've understood the EQL storage backend is mostly for other
features (snapshots, cloning etc), so now I could actually help fix the
multipathing stuff.. 

Any pointers where to look for the iSCSI multipathing stuff?

-- Pasi

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