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Re: [Xen-API] Question about CrossPoolMigration-v3


Ruijin Zhou wrote:

> I am studying the blktap2 in Xen hypervisor and plan to add Storage
> Migration in it. I found the following link about
> CrossPoolMigration-v3.
> http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/CrossPoolMigrationv3
> When will we have these new features? Where can we download the source
> code of it?

It's an early prototype. The toolstack control side is in this branch:


There is also some patches needed to the python storage manager code in


and to blktap2 (which Jon Ludlam is working on)

> Will CrossPoolMigration-v3 use VMware proposed I/O Mirroring
> technique? Or it will do Dirty Block Tracking just like VM live
> migration on Xen?

I'm not familiar with "VMware proposed I/O Mirroring". However the plan is to 
use disk mirroring to simplify the migration. When you call the XenAPI 
VM.migrate, xapi will:

1. create a synchronous disk mirror of all the disks (using blktap plugins + 
some .vhd-reading incremental copying)
2. transfer the VM metadata to the receiver
3. transfer the memory image and domain-level data (as with a normal migration).

I'm hoping to put some more stuff on the wiki over the next few weeks, 
including some proposed internal APIs.


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