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Re: [Xen-API] Minimal OpenStack for XCP

Hi John.

I'm interested mainly in Web-based control of XCP pools with RBAC and networks configuration.  OpenStack is requirement, I can't use CloudStack even if it more compatible afaik.

Andrew Lukoshko

ÑÑÐÐÐ, 3 ÐÐÑÑÐÑÑ 2012 Ð. Ð 16:33, John Garbutt ÐÐÐÐÑÐÐ:


I leading up the OpenStack effort at Citrix. Hopefully I can answer any questions with XCP + OpenStack.

Certainly Rackspace have their public cloud running XenServer and OpenStack, so it certainly works.

Just to be clear, it is probably fair to say OpenStack is replacing the XCP pool concept. But OpenStack is using the XCP features for networking, storage, migration etc. It hasn't really duplicated any of that stuff, although Quantum is going a little down that route. The main configuration pain is ensuring that all the different components of the system are wired together in a compatible way.

In terms of getting started quickly, while admittedly not helpful when heading towards production deployments, you can use DevStack with XenServer:
The main issue is getting the network configuration correct.

I am looking to create a guide of using the Ubuntu packages on Ubuntu 12.04 DomU to act as the OpenStack controller, but I haven't completed that work yet. Indeed I would like to script that all, and release a supplemental pack that would implement that. But not quite there yet.

Let me know how I can help you both. What are you trying to achieve? Web based access to XCP? CloudFoundry install?

I hope that helps,

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Hi Andrew,
Hi all,

no advice from my side but a definite "me too" on this. Many services target the
openstack API out-of-the box. E.g. there is this cloud foundry BOSH cloud
provider inerface, which already targets Openstack - seems like a duplicate
effort to build everything on top of XCP. Although I like the lean interface XCP


Am Dienstag, 02. Oktober 2012 14:47 CEST, "andrew.lukoshko@xxxxxxxxx"
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Hello everyone,

I'm interested in deploying OpenStack Folsom for XCP, but seems like
it's not so easy.
Distribution's OpenStack packages has huge dependencies because they
try to duplicate functionality already included in XCP. It also make
configuration tricky.

- really minimal services set
- rely on XCP builtin features (networking, shared storage, migrations
etc.), don't duplicate them in DomU.

In general, I expect OpenStack-based XenCenter replacement that will
only use XAPI and won't provide own services (or a minumal really
required set).

Any advice would be very helpful.

Andrew Lukoshko, M.Sc.

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