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Re: [Xen-API] XCP 1.6 bonding, 2 or 4 NICs


El 03/01/13 06:11, Rob Hoes escribió:
It should be possible to create bonds of 4 NICs in the newest
version of XenCenter (the one that comes with XenServer 6.1).
Are you using that version?
No, was using XenCenter 6.0. Already upgraded to 6.1.

It allowed me to select up to 4 physical interfaces to create a bond, and also offers two new bond modes: LACP with load balancing on layer 2 and layer 3. XenCenter 6.0 only allowed Active-active and Active-passive modes. Great improvement!

The CLI does not have a limit on the number of NICs in a bond,
so you can indeed use that if XenCenter does not work.
Have not reached that stage yet, but now I'm confident it will work fine.

Thank you!

Alexandre Kouznetsov

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