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Re: [Xen-API] xapi sources: Fighting for right commit

On 15.01.2013 22:54, Mike McClurg wrote:
On 15/01/13 17:47, George Shuklin wrote:
Right now we facing a much more troubles with compilation. F.e.
type-conv now is type_conv, something strange happens with
rpclight->ocaml-rpc->rpc library and so on.

Yes, these are known problems. We're starting to work on getting xapi to build with opam. You may want to check out Dave's wiki post on building xenopsd: http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Building_Xenopsd

Ok, thank you, I think we'll start from here.

If someone show way to take generic distro, some repos all around the
world and make xapi rpm it whould be really gracious. Because I already
spend about four days fighting with ocaml, opam and libraries to get
stuff done... I still no success. I already plan set of features to
implement in XCP (for example, allow masks in ipv4_allowed/ipv6_allowed
fields), but really ashamed I can't say our software engineers how to
compile existing code.

Fixing this kind of stuff has been my new year's resolution, but I haven't had time to start work on it just yet. There are a bunch of other people in the office who feel the same way (especially Dave Scott, Jon Ludlam and James Bulpin), so I have a feeling things will get easier pretty soon.

Are you on #xen-api on Freenode? If you've got questions about ocaml or xapi, feel free to ask them there. There are usually a few xapi devs in there during UK business hours.
Yep, I'll try tomorrow (today?). Thanks.

The single big piece of XCP you not published yet is the build process. Regardless some minor/major issues with library renaming and so on, there is SOME way you build xapi rpm's for XenServer and XCP, isn't it? Because next question after successful compilation will be 'can we run that binary in product environment, even if we did not change a single line?" If code was successfully linked against some libraries there is no guarantee it linked against proper versions and will not catch some bad problems in runtime.

And the main problem with opensource side of XCP is that - no way to run changes in code. This is a reason of weak community response - almost all features in new XCP/XenServer version (all features?) are from Citrix, not from crowd... We actually got resolution to dig inside and scratch our own itch (I even got ocaml guy in our staff for that), but we stuck on build part...

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