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Re: [Xen-API] xapi sources: Fighting for right commit

On 15/01/13 20:28, George Shuklin wrote:
> The single big piece of XCP you not published yet is the build process.
> Regardless some minor/major issues with library renaming and so on,
> there is SOME way you build xapi rpm's for XenServer and XCP, isn't it?
> Because next question after successful compilation will be 'can we run
> that binary in product environment, even if we did not change a single
> line?" If code was successfully linked against some libraries there is
> no guarantee it linked against proper versions and will not catch some
> bad problems in runtime.
> And the main problem with opensource side of XCP is that - no way to
> run
> changes in code. This is a reason of weak community response - almost
> all features in new XCP/XenServer version (all features?) are from
> Citrix, not from crowd... We actually got resolution to dig inside and
> scratch our own itch (I even got ocaml guy in our staff for that), but
> we stuck on build part...

I hear you. These problems are ones we're aware of and have been
discussing internally recently. We have a lot of legacy here from
XenServer's old proprietary roots. What we have now is messy and does
need cleaning up. We are looking at how best to go about this in a
sustainable way. We have some thoughts on the best way to proceed
but ideas and suggests are welcome.



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