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[Xen-API] SR content-type

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  • Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 19:26:10 +0000
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Hello all,

Forgive me if this has been covered before.  I'm using XCP 1.6 and a 
provisioning utility that interacts with the hypervisor.  One thing I have 
noticed is that under any new SR's I create in the Xencenter UI, the 
content-type parameter is blank.  As far as I am aware, there is no way to 
update this, other than to remove the SR and re-introduce it.   Is this a 
change in Xencenter 6.X?  See my list below, Local Storage 2 was attached using 
HBAs on the system, but the content-type was never set.

Bug or did I do something wrong? I tried to do a param update, but its a RO 
field, so no go.

Thanks all.

Here is the output of my sr-list:

uuid ( RO): c734ce2d-1545-880c-5677-cc4f5ab2913a
name-label ( RW): Local storage
    name-description ( RW):
host ( RO): IMS000B5Xen
type ( RO): lvm
content-type ( RO): user

uuid ( RO): 72592cf7-8064-c980-75cf-daf944656f25
name-label ( RW): Local storage 2 on IMS000B5Xen
name-description ( RW): Hardware HBA SR [Intel - /dev/sdq [sdr]]
host ( RO): IMS000B5Xen
type ( RO): lvmohba
content-type ( RO):

uuid ( RO): 8f0799c4-55c4-6cf3-25cb-ccb0a27d03e3
name-label ( RW): XenServer Tools
name-description ( RW): XenServer Tools ISOs
host ( RO): IMS000B5Xen
type ( RO): iso
content-type ( RO): iso
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