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Re: [Xen-API] XCP online resize vdi

On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 5:10 PM, Łukasz Nowak <lukasz.nowak@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
how can I increase VDI space online?

Do you mean that the VM is online while you do VDI size increase ?
You can increase the VDI size if the VM is OFFLINE or VDI is not attached to any VM but while VM is online, resize is not yet possible.


I tried:
[root@usyqaxc01 ~]# xe vdi-resize disk-size=2147493648
uuid=9575d076-97a5-48ab-b1e0-d890053ee8ef > The SR backend does not support the operation (check the SR's allowed
sr: fa93343e-7be0-73da-c019-310d2edbb3da (iscsi - sdm)

My SR type is: lvmoiscsi
XCP 1.6

Linux distribution in the vm is debian. I have installed
xe-guest-utilities on the vm.

[root@usyqaxc01 ~]# xe vdi-param-list
uuid=9575d076-97a5-48ab-b1e0-d890053ee8ef | grep allowed operations

      allowed-operations (SRO): clone; snapshot

[root@usyqaxc01 ~]# xe sr-param-list
uuid=fa93343e-7be0-73da-c019-310d2edbb3da|grep allowed-operations
      allowed-operations (SRO): VDI.create; VDI.snapshot; PBD.create;
PBD.destroy; plug; update; VDI.destroy; scan; VDI.clone; VDI.resize; unplug

Best regards,
Łukasz Nowak
Administrator Systemów Unix
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JABBER: lukasz.nowak@xxxxxxxxxx

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