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Re: [Xen-API] API guide inconsistency

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  • From: George Shuklin <george.shuklin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2013 15:10:16 +0400
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22.02.2013 00:59, Randy ÐÐÑÐÑ:


My head almost exploded.
Weakling. You should prepare at least dozen spare heads to deal with xcp-related stuff.

Possibly related - any reason why 'introduce' isn't a supported operation on any of my SR's? Both my ISCSI-VHD and NFS-ISO SR's aren't allowing it.

Unrelated, I have a similar issue with resize_online -- seemingly not supported by any VDI's on any SR types I try at least on XCP 1.6.

'introduce' for SR is very funny operation. It only declares existence of SR without any actual data manipulation. All actual stuff (like 'iscsi target' or 'server path') is stored in PBDs.

When you perform sr-create is almost same as:
* create pbd for master
* wipe out data of pbd (first 100Mb on LVM and LVMoISCSI SR's, not sure about NFS)
* create sr object
* create pbd for slaves and link them to pbds

When you do 'sr introduce' you asking only 'create' step.

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