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Re: [Xen-API] XCP 1.6 and GPU passthrough

Rob Hoes <Rob.Hoes@xxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

Using XenCenter in the way Gizmo Chicken described does the exact same thing as what the GPU commands on the xe CLI do.

From your other mail, it looks like you need to explicitly enable IOMMU or VT-d in your BIOS?

In the BIOS in the menu "Intel LT-SX and VT Setting" I have "IO VT-d" , "VT-d bar lock", "interrupt remapping", "passthrough DMA", "ATS" and "Unit Errors" enabled. In fact in VT setting everything is enabled except something called Isoc and VT-D engine coherency support.

If I don't see something with IOMMU in XEN dmesg that means that IOMMU is not seen by the XEN hypervisor right? So if it's enable in the BIOS and not seen by XEN that means that it's not supported by the BIOS right (even if I can enable/disable it from the BIOS)?


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