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Re: [Xen-API] pypxeboot (or similar) under XCP 1.6 - eliloader


El 10/07/13 13:30, Joseph Hom escribió:
Have you looked into eliloader?

This is in current XenServer systems and works about the same way you are 
looking for xenpvnetboot to work.
Yes, found it mentioned at

Thought it was too specialized for install boot (and, honestly, I have missed the word "Network"). Quote: "The eliloader is a special bootloader used to install PV guests from vendor media (CD and Network). [...] eliloader will automatically switch the guest configuration to PV-bootloader="pygrub" so that after installation pygrub is used to boot the disk."

This automatic switch to pygrub looks confusing, but it's hopefully it's disableable.

My kernel and initrd images are accessible via TFTP and HTTP, so specific PXE is not a requirement.

Is there any documentation about eliloader I can check, in order to tweak it's configuration to perform as I need? It have no man page under XCP 1.6, nor accepts -h or --help switches.

Thank you.

Alexandre Kouznetsov

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