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Re: [Xen-API] [xs-devel] pypxeboot (or similar) under XCP 1.6 - xenpvnetboot


El 10/07/13 14:11, Andrew Cooper escribió:
PV-bootloader will not pick stuff up from the path.  It is restricted to
"pygrub" or "eliloader"
Oh, so that must answers the question "Is it a keyword, or the actual name of executable file to run?" Fair enough.

One hack which might work for you:

Move /usr/bin/pygrub sideways and create /usr/bin/pygrub as a shell
script with a correct shebang line.

Have that shell script choose between the sideways pygrub in the usual
case, passing "$@" to it, or xenpvnetboot based on some specific
indication.  This also gives you the ability to correctly mutate the
command line options passed to xenpvnetboot.  (Because of the above
restriction, on a XenServer system pygrub and eliloader must accept
identical command line arguments, meaning that we are somewhat different
from any upstream version)

I frequently use the above shell script trick while developing, for
doing things such as wrapping valgrind/strace around sub components.
Nice trick!
I'll check what environment pygrub receive and try to find a way to tell it to run the original loader or give the correct values to xenpvnetboot or whatever.

Too bad it won't work "off the shelf", but I see it's just matter of time.

Thank you.

Alexandre Kouznetsov

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