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Re: [Xen-API] pypxeboot (or similar) under XCP 1.6 - xenpvnetboot


El 10/07/13 13:50, James Bulpin escribió:
Good spot. XenServer 6.x and XCP 1.6 all use Xen 4.1 so won't have
this feature. XenServer will be moving to Xen 4.3 soon.
xenpvnetboot is a drop-in replacement for pygrub so in theory when
we get Xen 4.3 in XS you'll be able to use the PV-bootloader and
PV-bootloader-args VM params to use it as documented on the wiki
page but that'll probably require a couple of xapi hacks to make
it permit the alternative bootloader and ensure the PV-kernel etc.
args are all passed through to it properly.
That's a great expectation!

FWIW you might even be able to manually drop the xenpvnetboot script
onto a XenServer or XCP system based on Xen 4.1 but that'll still
need the above xapi hacks.
With the hack Andrew Cooper suggested, it seems workable. I'll make sure to report back any success or failure, I have scheduled a migration of some diskful VM's to diskless next week.

Thank you.

Alexandre Kouznetsov

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