xen-changelog - Mail Index

September 30, 05
16:43 [Xen-changelog] Also send xenbus notifications using evtchn as handle. It's Xen patchbot -unstable
16:43 [Xen-changelog] xencons must notify via evtchn. It can't use the irq as the Xen patchbot -unstable
16:29 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:29 [Xen-changelog] Add the config file parsing for the on_{poweroff, reboot, crash} options, so that Xen patchbot -unstable
16:29 [Xen-changelog] Minor tidy. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:44 [Xen-changelog] Fix earlier merge with Ewan's xenstore changes. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Change rebooting specification so that we can have domains crash and stay Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Update comment/variable names to reflect the fact that the backend paths now Xen patchbot -unstable
12:43 [Xen-changelog] Within the store, split the persistent information regarding a VM from the Xen patchbot -unstable
10:59 [Xen-changelog] Added cache-control headers to pages returned by HTTP server so that pages Xen patchbot -unstable
10:43 [Xen-changelog] Remove the bizarre arrangement whereby EventChannel inherits from dict. Move Xen patchbot -unstable
09:59 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:59 [Xen-changelog] Added DevController.configuration and configurations methods. These parse the Xen patchbot -unstable
08:29 [Xen-changelog] Fix typos I introduced into tpmfront driver. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 29, 05
22:43 [Xen-changelog] Fix compiler warnings when shadow debugging is enabled. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:59 [Xen-changelog] Allow kernel built with privileged operation support (e.g. -xen/-xen0) to be used as a guest kernel on x86_64 Xen patchbot -unstable
17:29 [Xen-changelog] More save/restore code in interrupts-enabled contest, where Xen patchbot -unstable
17:29 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused debug code. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:43 [Xen-changelog] Move xenbus_suspend outside critical region with Xen patchbot -unstable
16:13 [Xen-changelog] Update GDB server documentation for crashed guests. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:13 [Xen-changelog] Avoid verbosity when connection xenbus -> xenstore. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:00 [Xen-changelog] Don't define vectors for IPIs we don't use in Xen Xen patchbot -unstable
15:43 [Xen-changelog] Slight rejig avoids grant entry warning message on xm save. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:29 [Xen-changelog] full devices expect to be able to read the partition table during xlvbd_add Xen patchbot -unstable
14:59 [Xen-changelog] Define new notify_remote_via_irq() interface which is a Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] Change semantics of bind_evtchn_to_xxx and Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] VIRQs and IPIs on VCPU#0 are automatically re-bound on save/restore. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Reindent more xenlinux files. Remove defunct header file. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:59 [Xen-changelog] Set guest selectors to be null if it's not valid when switch to Xen patchbot -unstable
September 28, 05
21:29 [Xen-changelog] Fix fixed-point long multiplication used in time delta Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] Choose LINUX_ARCH based on XEN_TARGET_ARCH, not ARCH Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] Doh! Cut-paste error of file copy in mkbuildtree-pre breaks build Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] Remove drivers/acpi/motherboard.c from sparse tree to match Xen patchbot -unstable
20:13 [Xen-changelog] More getting xenlinux/ia64 to build with drivers from -sparse Xen patchbot -unstable
20:13 [Xen-changelog] Another step towards building xenlinux/ia64 from -sparse Xen patchbot -unstable
20:13 [Xen-changelog] Default CONFIG_XEN_PRIVILEGED_GUEST to y for now Xen patchbot -unstable
20:13 [Xen-changelog] First step toward building drivers/xen for ia64 out of sparse Xen patchbot -unstable
17:29 [Xen-changelog] Fix gnttab setup, which I broke 2 changesets ago. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:13 [Xen-changelog] This patch fixes a race between when the disable cpu is marked online Xen patchbot -unstable
17:13 [Xen-changelog] Reindent grant-table kernel code and reserve first few Xen patchbot -unstable
16:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix netif save/restore. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:29 [Xen-changelog] Fixes for blkif save/restore. A 'dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/null' Xen patchbot -unstable
16:14 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:13 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused domain_devtype_get. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:13 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused xend_domain_device. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:13 [Xen-changelog] Change device IDs to be integers, as required now by DevController. Remove Xen patchbot -unstable
16:13 [Xen-changelog] Nothing. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:13 [Xen-changelog] Minor tidy up. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:13 [Xen-changelog] Remove broken assertion in 64-bit shadow pagetable code. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:14 [Xen-changelog] Added new classmethod xstransact.ListRecursive, and use this inside Xen patchbot -unstable
14:14 [Xen-changelog] Nothing. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:14 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix returning of results broken by last change. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix preemptible uses of smp_processor_id() in page fault Xen patchbot -unstable
13:29 [Xen-changelog] Changed -xen x86-32 defconfig CONFIG_EXT2_FS=y Xen patchbot -unstable
13:29 [Xen-changelog] Changed -xen x86-32 defconfig CONFIG_SECURITY_CAPABILITIES=y Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] Initialize pointer array for set mapping. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] imported patch ../tmp/fix_free_monitor_pagetable.patch Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] Save immediate operand into mcip structure. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] With this patch, we can enable VMXAssist to bring up APs of SMP VMX Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] Currently the mmio_operands assumes writing to memory when operand 0 is Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] Added logging of exceptions coming through callInfo, for better debugging. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] Minor tidy. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:13 [Xen-changelog] Improve HTML output. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:13 [Xen-changelog] Added missing quote to HTML output. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:13 [Xen-changelog] Added behaviour to read() to read directly from the transaction's path if no Xen patchbot -unstable
13:13 [Xen-changelog] Handle exceptions caused during processing of requests, to improve error Xen patchbot -unstable
September 27, 05
21:14 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused import, mark unused variables. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:14 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused imports, variables. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix final misuse of prettyprint parameters. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:13 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused imports, and unused progress parameters from domain_save, domain_restore. Rename one instance of id to domid. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:13 [Xen-changelog] Added getDeviceSxprs, to support xm block-list. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:13 [Xen-changelog] Added sxprs, for xm block-list. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:13 [Xen-changelog] Added behaviour to list() to list the transaction's path if no arguments are Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] This patch adds "wbinvd" instruction emulation for vm86 mode. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] This patch adds a quick check to 'xm restore' that checks the Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] This patch adds a quick check in "xm save" to make sure the path given Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] This patch cleans up some of the argument usage in PrettyPrint.py to Xen patchbot -unstable
13:59 [Xen-changelog] Remove DBMap etc from XendDomainInfo, moving the handling of the domain root Xen patchbot -unstable
13:43 [Xen-changelog] Remove the domain and VM paths from the store when destroying a domain. This Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Detangle the restart/reboot/halt/save/restore code. There is now one point Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Use constant in XendDomainInfo rather than embedding a string literal. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Added missing import socket statement. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 26, 05
18:13 [Xen-changelog] Move non-transactional and non-idempotent code out of Xen patchbot -unstable
17:59 [Xen-changelog] xenstore fires @releaseDomain both when a domain shuts Xen patchbot -unstable
15:43 [Xen-changelog] xenbus_transaction_end() returns negative error code. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 25, 05
10:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix so that 'make uninstall' won't fail if /etc/xen Xen patchbot -unstable
September 24, 05
22:13 [Xen-changelog] Move ImageHandler registration into image.py from XendDomainInfo.py. Move Xen patchbot -unstable
22:13 [Xen-changelog] Add helper method XendDomain.callInfo that stubs through into XendDomainInfo. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:13 [Xen-changelog] Nothing. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:13 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:13 [Xen-changelog] Added default value for ssidref -- 0. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:43 [Xen-changelog] Fix build for pedantic compilers. Xen patchbot -unstable
07:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix tpm split driver to follow changes in the xenbus API. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 23, 05
19:13 [Xen-changelog] Update User's Guide installation section to mention hotplug. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:13 [Xen-changelog] Add an install-time check for hotplug. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix debug build of Xen. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:29 [Xen-changelog] Removed unused Blkctl.py. The functionality here has been taken over by the Xen patchbot -unstable
16:00 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:00 [Xen-changelog] Merge the duplicated code for create, destroy, migrate, sysrq, and shutdown Xen patchbot -unstable
16:00 [Xen-changelog] Neaten the configuration parsing code. Add a self parameter to Xen patchbot -unstable
15:59 [Xen-changelog] Move ImageHandler.create call to initDomain, after the call to xc.domain_create. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:59 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused XendDB.py. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:59 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused tempfile.py. Even if anyone were using it, they shouldn't be -- Xen patchbot -unstable
15:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix call with missing parameters. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:29 [Xen-changelog] Restructure GNTTABOP_map_grant_ref. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:43 [Xen-changelog] Make PAE defs in xg_private.h usable in both 32- and Xen patchbot -unstable
13:29 [Xen-changelog] Add check for speed (takes 33 minutes on my laptop, OUCH!) Xen patchbot -unstable
13:29 [Xen-changelog] Make xenstored use tdb, transactions can soft-fail (EAGAIN) Xen patchbot -unstable
13:29 [Xen-changelog] Add check for speed (takes 33 minutes on my laptop, OUCH!) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:43 [Xen-changelog] Add VGA acceleration support for cirrus logic device model Xen patchbot -unstable
11:59 [Xen-changelog] Clean up xc_vmx_build(): Xen patchbot -unstable
September 22, 05
20:02 [Xen-changelog] Remove file from sparse tree. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:02 [Xen-changelog] Minor drivers/xen changes and includes to support xenlinux/ia64 Xen patchbot -unstable
20:02 [Xen-changelog] Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable Xen patchbot -unstable
20:02 [Xen-changelog] Patches and recipe to build an elilo.efi that will boot domain0 with initrd Xen patchbot -unstable
20:02 [Xen-changelog] Remove all CONFIG_VTI, VTI now works dynamically Xen patchbot -unstable
20:02 [Xen-changelog] Minor change also needed in vcpu.c for guests to own ar.kr's. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:02 [Xen-changelog] Another fix for handling ar.kr's Xen patchbot -unstable
20:02 [Xen-changelog] Remove paravirtualization of ar.kr registers (may need hyperprivop for Xen patchbot -unstable
20:02 [Xen-changelog] Xenlinux/ia64 can't use xenlinux/x86 version of drivers/acpi/tables.c Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] Build tweaks for xenlinux/ia64 Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] Start fleshing out -sparse tree for xenlinux/ia64 Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] Support files for building xenlinux-ia64 from -sparse tree Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] Clone of Christian's xen-unstable mkbuildtree patch (cset 6960) Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] Fix dcr.pp and psr.pp support (non-VTI) so pfmon --system-wide works Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] Get multiple domains working again Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] Merge vcpu phase 2 Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] Add debug output for pfmon (default off, DEBUG_PFMON in config.h) Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] Re-enable improved PAL code (time and perfmon work again). PAL code remapped Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] Add additional stats to track VHPT saturation Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] PAL cache flush (added during VTI merge) breaks on simulator Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] Comment out DTLB MATCH message as it is more frequent and annoying now Xen patchbot -unstable
20:00 [Xen-changelog] Return rid mangling to previous method (to match hyperprivop.S) Xen patchbot -unstable
20:00 [Xen-changelog] Script to generate diffs between linux-xen subdirs and real linux Xen patchbot -unstable
20:00 [Xen-changelog] This patch fixes a severe bug in vtlb, where domU may face machine crash Xen patchbot -unstable
20:00 [Xen-changelog] Properly return extents for hypervisor memory ops call Xen patchbot -unstable
17:14 [Xen-changelog] Move variable initialisation out of import section. Remove obsolete save Xen patchbot -unstable
17:14 [Xen-changelog] Rename XendDomainInfo and DevController.getDomain to getDomid. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:58 [Xen-changelog] Move initDomain out of image.py and into XendDomainInfo. The only thing that Xen patchbot -unstable
16:58 [Xen-changelog] Added diagnostic message when RuntimeError is raised inside XenStore.exists. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:14 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:14 [Xen-changelog] A number of changes to get save-restore working again: Xen patchbot -unstable
14:28 [Xen-changelog] Fixes a vtpm timeout problem for slow machines. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:44 [Xen-changelog] Netfront/back always use grant tables now. This cleans up a Xen patchbot -unstable
13:15 [Xen-changelog] Remove defunct usb split driver code. It will get replaced with Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] Indentation cleanups in linux driver code. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] Merged? Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] This patch adds a check in xend that prevents a user from trying to Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] VMX guest memory calculation in python code is corrupted by changeset Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] this patch fixes the bug that when "cpu" is not set in config file, Xen patchbot -unstable
11:58 [Xen-changelog] A more comprehensive fix for mapping shared-ring grant Xen patchbot -unstable
10:25 [Xen-changelog] This fixes the "make check" feature of xenstore to properly compile with Xen patchbot -unstable
September 21, 05
16:58 [Xen-changelog] This patch fixes a bug where raise_softirq(SCHEDULE_SOFTIRQ) is called Xen patchbot -unstable
16:36 [Xen-changelog] Fix mapping of shared ring pages into backend drivers. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:57 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:57 [Xen-changelog] Split the configuration file parsing and xc dominfo parsing aspects of Xen patchbot -unstable
14:57 [Xen-changelog] Disable debugging-level output. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:57 [Xen-changelog] Match change to the memory/target value, as it is now in KiB, not bytes. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:57 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused DEBUG variable, and -d flag. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:57 [Xen-changelog] Removed unused getLevel method, and don't use intermediate variable called Xen patchbot -unstable
14:57 [Xen-changelog] Added diagnostic messages to the RuntimeError exceptions when they occur inside Xen patchbot -unstable
14:57 [Xen-changelog] Lots of minor changes to please pylint, including matching the number of Xen patchbot -unstable
14:57 [Xen-changelog] On one of pyxc_domain_getinfo's error paths, free the block allocated Xen patchbot -unstable
14:57 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused variables and imports. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:57 [Xen-changelog] domain_setmaxmem takes an int, not a long, for the maxmem_kb parameter. The Xen patchbot -unstable
14:57 [Xen-changelog] Remove extraneous semicolon. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:56 [Xen-changelog] Move definition of xc, to avoid confusing pylint. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:56 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused import. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:56 [Xen-changelog] Mark unused variables as such. Remove unused import. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:56 [Xen-changelog] Move definition of xc variable, to save confusing pylint. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:56 [Xen-changelog] Mark unused variable as such. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:56 [Xen-changelog] Added debugging message to exception on write. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:12 [Xen-changelog] Some cleanup in tpm-related files. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:12 [Xen-changelog] Removes redundant/unnecessary __vmread/__vmwrite. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:12 [Xen-changelog] Parse vcpus for VMX guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:56 [Xen-changelog] Fix .hgignore and add missing vtpm patch file. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 20, 05
16:22 [Xen-changelog] The vmx guest loading is broken from 6925 because of the new Xen patchbot -unstable
14:44 [Xen-changelog] Fix __save_flags() to not complain when smp_processor_id() is used Xen patchbot -unstable
14:16 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
14:16 [Xen-changelog] Add support to build arch/ia64 xen kernels, also add pre/post link hooks in mkbuildtree. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:08 [Xen-changelog] Fix xenconsole when console page is >= 4GB. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:06 [Xen-changelog] Put_page on vmx_set_cr0 for multiple protected/real mode switch. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:42 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
09:42 [Xen-changelog] Fix vnc configuration issue for creating vmx guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:16 [Xen-changelog] Split up docs. Signed-off-by: Robb Romans <3r@xxxxxxxxxx> Xen patchbot -unstable
09:16 [Xen-changelog] Add 64 bit support to the VTPM Tools plus do some minor cleanups. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:16 [Xen-changelog] Fix an operand size bug in the VMX MMIO decoder. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:16 [Xen-changelog] Dynamically generate the local apic entries in ACPI MADT table. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 19, 05
17:08 [Xen-changelog] Add lomount to 'make uninstall' target. Remove miniterm, Xen patchbot -unstable
16:13 [Xen-changelog] Clean up 'make uninstall' target. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] Fix kernel users of xs_write as well. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] Fire watches once immediately upon registration. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] Fix one more usage of xs_write. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] Remove iflag argument to xs_write Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] Make xs_mkdir an xs_rm idempotent. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:42 [Xen-changelog] Better gdb server documentation. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:42 [Xen-changelog] Do not build PAE by default. Reverts accidental previous Xen patchbot -unstable
15:20 [Xen-changelog] Fix xc_ptrace (live debug, not coredump debug) for 32-bit pae. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:06 [Xen-changelog] Fix gdb build script. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:27 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] Revert accidental commit. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] Use DevController.allocateDeviceID rather than using a local variable. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] Use DevController.allocateDeviceID rather than using a local variable. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] Don't do device create on domain recreate. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] Remove last remaining "import controller" occurences. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] Add and use XendDomainInfo.getBackendFlags to decouple image.py from the Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] Changed dangerous default parameter values where used to use None instead. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] Remove the complexity of the config_handlers mechanism in favour of a simple Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] Added allocateDeviceID, which uses the store to keep track of per-domain, Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] Move definition of xc and xend to avoid confusing pylint. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] Renamed XendDomainInfo.getTargetMemory to getMemoryTarget, for consistency with Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] Replaced the device handling mechanism used by XendDomainInfo. Superficially, Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] Add behaviour to the remove methods to remove the transaction's path itself. This allows us to write Remove(path) to remove the specified path rather than having to slice the path ourselves. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] In all cases, move the creation of a new transaction outside of the block Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] Remove assignment to unused field memory_target. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] Use XendDomainInfo.getDomain, getName to decouple XendDomain from the internals Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused restoreFromDB, saveToDB. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] Replace XendDomainInfo.setStoreChannel with XendDomainInfo.closeStoreChannel. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] Added getVCpuCount to XendDomainInfo and use that and getName, getDomain, Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] Fix indentation. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] Added _1, .._5 to dummy-variables, so that we can specify multiple unused Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] Added getTargetMemory, getSsidref methods to XendDomainInfo, and use these and Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] Issue warning if doxygen is not installed. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] Changed ssidref default to 0 when parsing config file. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:25 [Xen-changelog] Added diagnostic message to exception when TypeError occurs on write. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:24 [Xen-changelog] Removed unused getDB method. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:24 [Xen-changelog] Moved xroot variable to not confuse pylint (and me). Xen patchbot -unstable
13:24 [Xen-changelog] Removed unused impotr and marked some parameters as unused. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:24 [Xen-changelog] Rename feilds to fields throughout. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:24 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused import, and unused class TwistedAdapter. Mark one variable as Xen patchbot -unstable
11:04 [Xen-changelog] Re-indent libxc to avoid hard tabs. Also, fix the PAE Xen patchbot -unstable
09:12 [Xen-changelog] Fix VMX domains not cleaning up properly, since some page refncts are Xen patchbot -unstable
09:12 [Xen-changelog] The domain structure maintains several shadow mode stats, Xen patchbot -unstable
09:12 [Xen-changelog] Trivial gdb build fix from Leendert. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 18, 05
00:54 CONGRATULATIONS!!! South Australia Lotteries.
September 17, 05
08:29 [Xen-changelog] Small cleanup to tpm split driver. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:27 [Xen-changelog] Remove native tpm drivers from the linux sparse tree and replace Xen patchbot -unstable
September 16, 05
23:55 [Xen-changelog] Cleanup domain listing on xend start. Fix reaper some more. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:54 [Xen-changelog] Add bindings for xs_get_domain_path(). Xen patchbot -unstable
23:54 [Xen-changelog] Don't run reap() or domain_restarts() as side-effects of refresh. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:54 [Xen-changelog] Move dom0 setup code out of initial_refresh. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:54 [Xen-changelog] Remove pretty random cleanup code in _add_domain. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:54 [Xen-changelog] Use "vcpu" when referring to vcpus. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:54 [Xen-changelog] Make dom0_enforce_cpus() use vcpu_hotplug rather than directly modifying the sysfs entries. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] Cleanup domain reaper and domain destruction functions. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] Fix setStoreChannel(None) - fixes cleanup on destroy. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:50 [Xen-changelog] Fix the control panel problem. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] Clean up and re-indent netback driver. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:06 [Xen-changelog] Clean up and re-indent netfront.c Xen patchbot -unstable
13:06 [Xen-changelog] Grant-refrence allocation pools and tracking tables should be Xen patchbot -unstable
10:56 [Xen-changelog] direct_remap_pfn_range() takes a vm_area_struct rather than Xen patchbot -unstable
09:14 [Xen-changelog] distclean target added to root makefile. From rusty. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:16 [Xen-changelog] Simplify backend flag parsing. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:11 [Xen-changelog] Export block device read-only state into store. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:11 [Xen-changelog] Fix bootloader support some more. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:11 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
08:11 [Xen-changelog] Maybe fix running bootloader after reboot. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:10 [Xen-changelog] Start cleaning up grant tables. gnttab_donate now called Xen patchbot -unstable
08:10 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
08:10 [Xen-changelog] Update image handling code for xstransact. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:10 [Xen-changelog] Actually update domain info when dom_get() succeeds. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 15, 05
13:16 [Xen-changelog] Fix the libxc Makefile. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:16 [Xen-changelog] add support for ipv6 address in choose_vnc_display function Xen patchbot -unstable
13:16 [Xen-changelog] fix build, strings spanning multiple lines are no longer supported Xen patchbot -unstable
09:20 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
09:20 [Xen-changelog] Don't special case getDomainMemory for ia64. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:20 [Xen-changelog] Better build fix. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:10 [Xen-changelog] Like IA32 PAE xenlinux, we also need make VMX guest 1:1 page table PGD Xen patchbot -unstable
08:58 [Xen-changelog] Cleanup timeout code for when socket is already in use. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:56 [Xen-changelog] Fix build! Xen patchbot -unstable
07:57 [Xen-changelog] Remove bad lines from start od script. Xen patchbot -unstable
07:57 [Xen-changelog] Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable to prep Xen patchbot -unstable
07:57 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
07:57 [Xen-changelog] Oops, one hypervisor.h change seems to have unfixed in the merge Xen patchbot -unstable
07:56 [Xen-changelog] Add ia64-specific hypervisor.h Xen patchbot -unstable
07:56 [Xen-changelog] Add missing include/decl to ia64-specific hypervisor.h Xen patchbot -unstable
07:56 [Xen-changelog] Catchup with xen-unstable, add ia64 specifics to tools, and some VTI merge Xen patchbot -unstable
07:56 [Xen-changelog] Converge ia64 grant_table API Xen patchbot -unstable
07:56 [Xen-changelog] Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable Xen patchbot -unstable
07:56 [Xen-changelog] Merge (only) xen-ia64-unstable with latest xen-unstable Xen patchbot -unstable
07:55 [Xen-changelog] Merge with latest xen-unstable Xen patchbot -unstable
07:55 [Xen-changelog] Add needed header files that are buried/nested in x86 Xen patchbot -unstable
07:55 [Xen-changelog] Add ia64 header for synch_bitops.h Xen patchbot -unstable
07:55 [Xen-changelog] Xen-ia64-specific changes to adapt to recent xen-unstable changes Xen patchbot -unstable
07:55 [Xen-changelog] merge two heads Xen patchbot -unstable
07:55 [Xen-changelog] Transform double mapping to single mapping on vti domain. Xen patchbot -unstable
07:54 [Xen-changelog] Temporary fix to ensure store page is accessible to domain. Xen patchbot -unstable
07:54 [Xen-changelog] First part of timer merge Xen patchbot -unstable
07:54 [Xen-changelog] Neglected to hg-add these documentation files Xen patchbot -unstable
07:53 [Xen-changelog] Temporary patch to return dom0 stability Xen patchbot -unstable
07:53 [Xen-changelog] Oops, allow compile 2.6.13-rebased with CONFIG_SMP (one small fix) Xen patchbot -unstable
07:52 [Xen-changelog] Kevin and John's update to latest xen-unstable for multiple domain - xen part Xen patchbot -unstable
07:52 [Xen-changelog] Final changes for linux 2.6.13 rebasing and some directory reorgs Xen patchbot -unstable
07:51 [Xen-changelog] Fix instructions and remove obsolete mkbuildtree Xen patchbot -unstable
07:51 [Xen-changelog] Sorry, silly typo in bug vix Xen patchbot -unstable
07:50 [Xen-changelog] Bug fixes from Kevin (x2) and Anthony Xen patchbot -unstable
07:50 [Xen-changelog] Stil more cleanup and moving to 2.6.13 base Xen patchbot -unstable
07:49 [Xen-changelog] Begin updating to 2.6.13 base Xen patchbot -unstable
07:49 [Xen-changelog] More updating to linux 2.6.13 sources Xen patchbot -unstable
07:48 [Xen-changelog] Move null header files to a separate directory Xen patchbot -unstable
07:48 [Xen-changelog] Enable CONFIG_SMP compile and link Xen patchbot -unstable
07:47 [Xen-changelog] Baby step toward host SMP support Xen patchbot -unstable
07:20 [Xen-changelog] More build fixes for latest binutils. No 'movl' between Xen patchbot -unstable
04:12 [Xen-changelog] Deal with domain info going away (handle new error path introduced by Xen patchbot -unstable
02:16 [Xen-changelog] O_REUSEADDR is not enough to ensure we don't get address in use errors when Xen patchbot -unstable
02:16 [Xen-changelog] Make sure xend start doesn't return until xend is ready to accept connections. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:10 [Xen-changelog] Disable CONFIG_PNPACPI temporarily in the -xen defconfig (it's known not to Xen patchbot -unstable
September 14, 05
22:36 [Xen-changelog] The dom destroy path is doing a dom_get on a non-existent domain to Xen patchbot -unstable
20:44 [Xen-changelog] Remove redundant semi-colon from end of DEFINE_RING_TYPES Xen patchbot -unstable
19:58 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
19:57 [Xen-changelog] Switch most uses of write over to store. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:57 [Xen-changelog] Explicit test for None. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:56 [Xen-changelog] More syntactic sugar. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:56 [Xen-changelog] Move start_time out of xend dir and use gather/store. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:56 [Xen-changelog] Support removing nodes from store if value to store is None. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:56 [Xen-changelog] Add store function. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:56 [Xen-changelog] Always allow transaction abort. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:56 [Xen-changelog] Add gather function and robustify class methods' failure handling. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:52 [Xen-changelog] Fix mmapping of PCI resources from userspace. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:06 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
17:06 [Xen-changelog] Rename xm commands and cleanup of the "bogus" argument code. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:54 [Xen-changelog] Fix xc_make_page_below_4G(). Should fix PAE domain Xen patchbot -unstable
16:48 [Xen-changelog] During my attempts to get the latest bridge networking model working on my Xen patchbot -unstable
15:54 [Xen-changelog] Fix xc_domain_memory_decrease_reservation(). Xen patchbot -unstable
15:46 [Xen-changelog] Move uuid back into main domain dir. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:46 [Xen-changelog] Add methods to read/write Vm/Domain store entries. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:46 [Xen-changelog] Move name back into main domain dir. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:46 [Xen-changelog] Move id back into main domain dir and rename to domid. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:46 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
13:36 [Xen-changelog] Set NE bit for VMX guest CR0. VMCS guest CR0.NE bit must Xen patchbot -unstable
13:36 [Xen-changelog] Add some sanity check when creating 3-level 1:1 page table Xen patchbot -unstable
13:36 [Xen-changelog] Clear pending interrupt on shared page when pic initialized Xen patchbot -unstable
13:14 [Xen-changelog] Get rid of anonymous unions in public header files. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:48 [Xen-changelog] Call dominfo.device_delete instead of non-existant dominfo.device_destroy. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:56 [Xen-changelog] Remove unsued domain_controller.h file. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:56 [Xen-changelog] Fix 64-bit build problem. Not allowed to movl between a Xen patchbot -unstable
10:56 [Xen-changelog] Move hypervisor.h to asm-i386/asm-x86_64. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:56 [Xen-changelog] mem-map.sxp and vmxloader are unaffected by a 64-bit build, Xen patchbot -unstable
10:56 [Xen-changelog] Fix xenstored watch crash. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 13, 05
21:50 [Xen-changelog] Don't return failure when trying to delete a non-existent node. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:28 [Xen-changelog] Perform xenbus operations in shutdown_handler in a transaction. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:28 [Xen-changelog] Don't cause watch fire deadlock by unconditionally rewriting the sysrq node. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:58 [Xen-changelog] Don't fail readDB on empty dirs. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:52 [Xen-changelog] Switch shutdown and sysrq to xstransact. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:42 [Xen-changelog] Free blkif if vbd_create fails. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:08 [Xen-changelog] Fix the logic in vcpu_sleep_sync(): we must wait until Xen patchbot -unstable
18:04 [Xen-changelog] Some more resilience to errors in creating vbds etc; still needs more work Xen patchbot -unstable
17:49 [Xen-changelog] Switch memory target handling to use xstransact. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:49 [Xen-changelog] g/c introduceDomain and releaseDomain bindings in xsnode and xsobj. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:49 [Xen-changelog] Switch vcpu hotplugging to use xstransact. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:49 [Xen-changelog] Fix domain list build/cleanup code with xend subdirectory. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:49 [Xen-changelog] IntroduceDomain of dom0 can fail when it's already connected. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:49 [Xen-changelog] Fix error handling code paths. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:49 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
17:48 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
17:48 [Xen-changelog] Store dom0 store ring-ref in store. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:48 [Xen-changelog] Switch to IntroduceDomain, move xend info into xend subdirectory in store. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:48 [Xen-changelog] Move xshandle to xsutil.py, add IntroduceDomain, fix list to handle empty/non-existant directories and fix Remove. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:48 [Xen-changelog] Change read and list to return None if key/dir doesn't exist. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:46 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
15:46 [Xen-changelog] Fix imports. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:15 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
15:15 [Xen-changelog] Fix the check that the argument count is even, for xenstore_write. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:15 [Xen-changelog] Added help line for dev-docs target. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:15 [Xen-changelog] Added isDevControllerClass so that XendDomainInfo does not need to store the same information internally. This may soon go, depending on how useful controller.py turns out to be. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:15 [Xen-changelog] Removed {add, get}_{config, device}_handler in favour of using a simple dictionary directly. Fix a misnamed variable blconfig that was supposed to refer to blcfg. This showed up under pylint as a undefined variable, but would have manifested itself in the bootloader configuration being ignored. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:15 [Xen-changelog] Added .PHONY target so that make works from the tools/python directory (it was seeing the build directory and therefore doing nothing). Xen patchbot -unstable
15:15 [Xen-changelog] Pass the root directory to Doxyfilter and thence pythfilter.py so that the latter can get the namespace/packages correct. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:14 [Xen-changelog] Pass the root directory to Doxyfilter and thence pythfilter.py so that the latter can get the namespace/packages correct. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:14 [Xen-changelog] "Added." Xen patchbot -unstable
15:14 [Xen-changelog] Added dev-docs target to build the Python Tools' API documentation. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:14 [Xen-changelog] Added docs/api. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:14 [Xen-changelog] Added dev-docs target, which passes through to the docs Makefile. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:14 [Xen-changelog] This trivial patch makes sure that mem-map.sxp and the qemu bits Xen patchbot -unstable
10:40 [Xen-changelog] Update ignores list for new xenstore binaries. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:38 [Xen-changelog] synch_bitops.h is an arch-specific header file. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:20 [Xen-changelog] Newer binutils is a bit stricter and errors out when you try Xen patchbot -unstable
10:14 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
10:14 [Xen-changelog] Fixed consoled race condition. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:12 [Xen-changelog] domain_crash_synchronous() on x86_64 causes Xen to crash because Xen patchbot -unstable
10:04 [Xen-changelog] Prevent opening the xenbus device if the store isn't connected yet. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:04 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
10:04 [Xen-changelog] Fix a bug in shadow_remove_all_access_in_page. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:08 [Xen-changelog] Fix up testsuite from recent changes. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:34 [Xen-changelog] Put xenstored.h in linux-public include dir. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 12, 05
21:40 [Xen-changelog] Always allow overriding where clients connect through XENSTORED_PATH. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:10 [Xen-changelog] Add xenstore-list and xenstore-exists clients Xen patchbot -unstable
21:10 [Xen-changelog] Change xenbus_dev interface from ioctl to read/write. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:24 [Xen-changelog] Check the return value of chdir(2) and write(2). Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] Switch vtpm device setup/teardown over to xstransact. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:01 [Xen-changelog] Switch block device setup/teardown over to xstransact. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:00 [Xen-changelog] Remove debug output. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:00 [Xen-changelog] Move block device bind/unbind into hotplug scripts. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:00 [Xen-changelog] Don't remove backend store directory before device_unregister. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:00 [Xen-changelog] Export backend device store path to hotplug script. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:46 [Xen-changelog] This patch remove the L2 pin for 1:1 page table on control panel. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:10 [Xen-changelog] The last vnet patch was missing some files that had been added Xen patchbot -unstable
12:46 [Xen-changelog] Re-indent xc_linux_restore, and add code to force PAE Xen patchbot -unstable
12:30 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
12:30 [Xen-changelog] Always fire watches, even on the connection which caused the watch to fire. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:30 [Xen-changelog] Xen_version hypercalls takes two args, not one. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:30 [Xen-changelog] mlock argument to version hypercall in libxc. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:30 [Xen-changelog] Improve debug tracing from HYPERVISOR_memory_op(). Xen patchbot -unstable
11:04 [Xen-changelog] removing XEN_LOCALVERSION for a smaller alternative Xen patchbot -unstable
September 11, 05
16:42 [Xen-changelog] Re-indent vmx code. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:34 [Xen-changelog] Yes, that fixes the problem, our patches crossed. I saw Keir already Xen patchbot -unstable
16:34 [Xen-changelog] add XEN_LOCALVERSION to the dist building process Xen patchbot -unstable
09:26 [Xen-changelog] An FC4/i386 install inside VMX on an x86_64 system fails because byte Xen patchbot -unstable
September 10, 05
20:14 [Xen-changelog] Restore NULL checks before calling kfree(). Xen patchbot -unstable
15:10 [Xen-changelog] add a simple usage string to xenconsoled Xen patchbot -unstable
15:10 [Xen-changelog] fix ballooning out logic to handle dying domain freeing memory. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:10 [Xen-changelog] use XEN_FULLVERSION variable where possible Xen patchbot -unstable
15:10 [Xen-changelog] remove pointless NULL check before calling kfree Xen patchbot -unstable
15:10 [Xen-changelog] convert initializers to C99 initializers Xen patchbot -unstable
14:24 [Xen-changelog] With this patch, 32-bit binary can work on 64-bit VMX guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:24 [Xen-changelog] This patch fixes xenlinux timer interrupt. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:24 [Xen-changelog] This patch fix a bug in set_reg_value() for x86_64 VMX guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:24 [Xen-changelog] One more instruction for the VMX MMIO decoder. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:24 [Xen-changelog] Fix bug that service os & vmx guest can't communicate with Xen patchbot -unstable
September 09, 05
23:12 [Xen-changelog] Fix xm info handling of empty strings (fix bugzilla bug #216) Xen patchbot -unstable
18:38 [Xen-changelog] Fix 'xm info' (sizeof(param) doesn't do that one might hope). Xen patchbot -unstable
17:40 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
17:40 [Xen-changelog] Make vif cleanup use xstransact and use classmethods for setup. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:40 [Xen-changelog] Add remove and list support. Also make all class methods "safe". Xen patchbot -unstable
17:40 [Xen-changelog] Only retry transactions which fail from timeout. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:40 [Xen-changelog] Setup network devices in xenstore using xstransact. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:40 [Xen-changelog] Remove dependency between domain db and path/uuid. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:40 [Xen-changelog] Always start transactions on an existing path. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:24 [Xen-changelog] common/kernel.o contains changeset/compiler info. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:16 [Xen-changelog] cleanups Xen patchbot -unstable
15:52 [Xen-changelog] The patch allows the shadow mode code to support >4GB physical memory. I Xen patchbot -unstable
15:34 [Xen-changelog] Add more version and capability reporting to Xen. Print the results with 'xm info'. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:26 [Xen-changelog] pagefault handler fixes. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:20 [Xen-changelog] Add simple transactional read/write python xenstore interface. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:20 [Xen-changelog] Make error reporting consistent. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:18 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
10:18 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
10:18 [Xen-changelog] tpmback compilation fix. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:22 [Xen-changelog] Xenbus implementation ported from Linux to Mini-os, simple thread support introduced Xen patchbot -unstable
09:12 [Xen-changelog] Fix blkfront request completion. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:06 [Xen-changelog] It was suggested on the xen-users list that it would be useful if the Xen patchbot -unstable
September 08, 05
20:40 [Xen-changelog] Bug fix on x86_64 increase_reservation Xen patchbot -unstable
19:14 [Xen-changelog] Test CD needs devfs Xen patchbot -unstable
17:46 [Xen-changelog] No need to qsort the pfn array in domu builder. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:42 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
17:42 [Xen-changelog] manual merge Xen patchbot -unstable
17:42 [Xen-changelog] Improved "PGDs must be under 4GB" handling for PAE. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:42 [Xen-changelog] Fixes to sub 4GB allocator Xen patchbot -unstable
17:36 [Xen-changelog] Build fix. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:28 [Xen-changelog] grant_table.c reindent. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:24 [Xen-changelog] Rename get_order() to get_order_from_bytes() and add Xen patchbot -unstable
15:20 [Xen-changelog] Cleanups, and fix allocating DMA memory via Xen patchbot -unstable
01:32 [Xen-changelog] Give each domain some memory below 4GB. This solves the "PGD's must be below 4GB" for the initial page tables. I'm not sure we'll stick with this approach, but this is good enough for the time being. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:32 [Xen-changelog] Yet more PAE fixes, this time in the paravirt drivers. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 07, 05
23:12 [Xen-changelog] More tools PAE fixes to avoid loosing high-order pte bits. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:12 [Xen-changelog] Replace direct_remap_area_pages with direct_remap_pfn_range to help fix PAE domain building. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:34 [Xen-changelog] Fix typo. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:32 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
21:32 [Xen-changelog] Move console tty/limit information into console directory in domain dir. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:32 [Xen-changelog] Disable device info getting written to store when xend restarts. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:32 [Xen-changelog] Disable sync dbmap saves -- they remove nodes added by other tools. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:32 [Xen-changelog] Don't leak memory when realloc fails. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:30 [Xen-changelog] Create /dev/xen/evtchn if it doesn't exist. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:01 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
19:00 [Xen-changelog] g/c unused xcs. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:00 [Xen-changelog] g/c unused xu extension. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:00 [Xen-changelog] g/c unused control message code. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:00 [Xen-changelog] Remove control interface in kernels and domain builder. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:00 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
19:00 [Xen-changelog] Trivial fix for a nasty PAE bug. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:25 [Xen-changelog] Fix vif scripts for domains with more than one ip. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:24 [Xen-changelog] Remove debug printk. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:24 [Xen-changelog] Always bind dom0 virqs to vcpu 0. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:24 [Xen-changelog] Make xenstored bind to domain exception virq directly, instead of via xcs. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:24 [Xen-changelog] Remove python virq code. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:24 [Xen-changelog] Trigger domain cleanup on @releaseDomain watch-event instead of domain exc. virq. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:24 [Xen-changelog] Fix and cleanup error handling. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:48 [Xen-changelog] Add copyright notice and g/c some unused code. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:48 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
12:48 [Xen-changelog] Add python bindings for watches. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:04 [Xen-changelog] Be more sensitive to losing sync with platform timer. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:50 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
09:48 [Xen-changelog] Small plan9 loader patch from Tim Newsham. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:32 [Xen-changelog] Extend save/restore interface to cope with domains >4GB by adding a level of indirection. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:04 [Xen-changelog] Fix dependencies. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:04 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
01:04 [Xen-changelog] Use @releaseDomain watch-events. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:04 [Xen-changelog] Exit if xen_setup fails. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:04 [Xen-changelog] Add @releaseDomain watch-event. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:04 [Xen-changelog] Destroy domain before cleaning it up. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 06, 05
18:26 [Xen-changelog] Tiny printk info cleanup. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:24 [Xen-changelog] The attached patch fixes two problems I ran into with the swiotlb code Xen patchbot -unstable
18:00 [Xen-changelog] phys_to_mach and mach_to_phys tables contain long entries, not Xen patchbot -unstable
17:42 [Xen-changelog] Add xcs to include path for xcs_proto.h. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:16 [Xen-changelog] Disable xcs stop from xend script since it kills xenstored now. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:15 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
17:14 [Xen-changelog] Make xenstored listen to domain exception virqs. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:14 [Xen-changelog] Update consoled to use xs_get_domain_path and cleanup domain tracking code. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:14 [Xen-changelog] Avoid warn_unused error on read() return value. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:14 [Xen-changelog] Enable xenstored optimisations. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:14 [Xen-changelog] Reducing LOC (always a good thing) by eliminating duplicated functionality. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:44 [Xen-changelog] Fix vmalloc fault path in arch/xen/i386 to correctly deal Xen patchbot -unstable
September 05, 05
20:04 [Xen-changelog] Fix 64-bit build. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:53 [Xen-changelog] Fix PCI iomem resource fixup. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:53 [Xen-changelog] Add @introduceDomain event-watch and replace consoled watch on /console. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:53 [Xen-changelog] Fix command line argument parsing. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:52 [Xen-changelog] Add -Werror to xenstore build and fix failure. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:50 [Xen-changelog] Fix the balloon driver to do work in smaller batches, and Xen patchbot -unstable
17:20 [Xen-changelog] Add missing libxenstore.so dependency for xenstore client programs. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:20 [Xen-changelog] Rename XS_GET_DOMAIN_PATH to XS_GET_DOMAIN_PATH and add libxenstore binding. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:44 [Xen-changelog] Fix typo. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:32 [Xen-changelog] On suspend, canonicalize store and console mfns in the guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:52 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
14:52 [Xen-changelog] Get rid of suspend record, start info holds all the info now. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:52 [Xen-changelog] Pass live flag as number, not "True"/"False". Xen patchbot -unstable
14:52 [Xen-changelog] Only remove domain from store once it's suspended. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:52 [Xen-changelog] Keep start_info in page provided by domain builder instead of making a copy. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:20 [Xen-changelog] CRAMFS needs to be compiled in to xen_defconfig_x86_64 not a module. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:22 [Xen-changelog] Free grant reference when block device shuts down. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:22 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
08:22 [Xen-changelog] Suspend console after xenbus, resume console before xenbus. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 04, 05
23:52 [Xen-changelog] Fix build. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:44 [Xen-changelog] Fix build. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:12 [Xen-changelog] Updates to blktap driver and user code. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:06 [Xen-changelog] Fix build dependency issue. Xen patchbot -unstable
September 03, 05
18:48 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
18:48 [Xen-changelog] Update suspend/resume for new console code. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:48 [Xen-changelog] merge fixup Xen patchbot -unstable
18:48 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
18:17 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
17:14 [Xen-changelog] Fix to allow -xen and -xen0 kernels to be used as unprivilged guests. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:01 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
17:01 [Xen-changelog] Restore printk to output evtchn binding error. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:00 [Xen-changelog] Add support in libxenstore for using the xenbus_dev store connection. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:00 [Xen-changelog] Add driver to use the kernel's xenbus connection from user-space. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:00 [Xen-changelog] Free struct file file_private on release. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:00 [Xen-changelog] Fix debug build that was broken by recent shadow pagetable checkin. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:38 [Xen-changelog] Enable 'live' migration from a tools pov; prior to this the 'live' flag was Xen patchbot -unstable
September 02, 05
17:54 [Xen-changelog] Attached are the patches for new ioemu communication mechanism. The new Xen patchbot -unstable
17:54 [Xen-changelog] Now that unaligned page overlapping PIO works for Xen, it is time to Xen patchbot -unstable
17:54 [Xen-changelog] Attached are the patches for new ioemu communication mechanism. The new Xen patchbot -unstable
17:54 [Xen-changelog] Various minor vmxassist cleanups. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:54 [Xen-changelog] We need to be more precise and restore the %eip. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:54 [Xen-changelog] Handle page overlapping copies. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:54 [Xen-changelog] Qemu-dm dumps core with the pcnet device. This patches fixes it. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:00 [Xen-changelog] Fix preemption-check race in memory_op hypercall. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:50 [Xen-changelog] Fix writing to mmap'ed /dev/mem region mapped PROT_WRITE Xen patchbot -unstable
14:18 [Xen-changelog] Install hotplug script(s) unconditionally. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:16 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
14:16 [Xen-changelog] Restore configurability of vif bring up script and passing arguments to the script. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:04 [Xen-changelog] Mini-os fixes from Simon Kagstrom. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:04 [Xen-changelog] Missing shadow files. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:42 [Xen-changelog] This patch is to boot 32-bit VMX guest on the 64-bit host. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:00 [Xen-changelog] Clean up tools/check error reporting. Remove logging. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:06 [Xen-changelog] New scripts I missed from previous security patch. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:06 [Xen-changelog] This patch: Xen patchbot -unstable
08:06 [Xen-changelog] Make the check script log to /tmp instead of the working directory. This Xen patchbot -unstable
08:06 [Xen-changelog] I've found cramfs to be very useful for simplifying Xen testing with QEMU. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:06 [Xen-changelog] The attached patch makes xend clear the reboot request from the store Xen patchbot -unstable
04:20 [Xen-changelog] Fix save/restore when using grant tables in network, robust-ify netback Xen patchbot -unstable
September 01, 05
19:08 [Xen-changelog] Fix build dependency for the XEN tpm driver. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:30 [Xen-changelog] Better Xen backtraces in debug builds (follow the Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Fix network setup through hotplug on SUSE. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Hook up sysrq for xencons. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Fix closing of /var/log/xend.log fd Xen patchbot -unstable
10:22 [Xen-changelog] remove random file Xen patchbot -unstable
10:22 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
10:22 [Xen-changelog] Cleanup domain listing. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:22 [Xen-changelog] Fix xm list for when info is requested for individual domains. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:22 [Xen-changelog] Linux 2.6 cleanups. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:36 [Xen-changelog] Avoid code duplication between stringified and Xen patchbot -unstable
09:06 [Xen-changelog] Use entry_get_paddr(l1e) to get the PFN Xen patchbot -unstable
09:06 [Xen-changelog] Tiny build fix for gcc 4.0.1 Xen patchbot -unstable
09:00 [Xen-changelog] VTPM is off by default. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:00 [Xen-changelog] Remove curl checks. Patch from Anthony Liguori. Xen patchbot -unstable

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