xen-changelog - Mail Index

November 30, 05
21:51 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:51 [Xen-changelog] Added xm rename command. Improve the argument checking and error reporting. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:50 [Xen-changelog] Miscellaneous tidying up, no semantic changes. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:50 [Xen-changelog] Fix test following uuid format change in changeset 8089. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:50 [Xen-changelog] Move the relocate.setupRelocation code into XendDomain, removing the mutual Xen patchbot -unstable
21:50 [Xen-changelog] Match rename of xm info field from memory to total_memory. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:50 [Xen-changelog] Fix the reporting when this test fails (the eyecatcher variables would not be Xen patchbot -unstable
21:50 [Xen-changelog] Don't refuse to clean up after a domain death when the buffer is not empty. If Xen patchbot -unstable
21:50 [Xen-changelog] Move the translation from pages to MiB out of XendNode and into the xc layer. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:50 [Xen-changelog] Cope with longs being passed to xstransact.write. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:50 [Xen-changelog] Added the errno to the messages printed with the ERR macro. Tidy the use of Xen patchbot -unstable
20:12 [Xen-changelog] GNTTABOP_map_grant_ref returns error status and handle as Xen patchbot -unstable
17:40 [Xen-changelog] Public interface cleanups. Widen some fields in public Xen patchbot -unstable
13:20 [Xen-changelog] Remove some vmx header files from Xen public interfaces. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:20 [Xen-changelog] Fix serial pty creation in qemu-dm. Set raw attributes to Xen patchbot -unstable
13:20 [Xen-changelog] We need to do sync when mov_to_cr3 to a value already shadowed. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:20 [Xen-changelog] Add ATA-over-Ethernet as a module to the default 32-bit -xen config Xen patchbot -unstable
13:20 [Xen-changelog] domain_pause duplicates the code from vcpu_pause. Eliminate the Xen patchbot -unstable
13:20 [Xen-changelog] Removes the carriage returns from some of the vtpm Xen patchbot -unstable
11:54 [Xen-changelog] writable_pl1e in shadow mode is a machine address, so Xen patchbot -unstable
November 29, 05
18:42 [Xen-changelog] Disable some over-zealous sanity checking for now (can cause major problems Xen patchbot -unstable
16:45 [Xen-changelog] Fix typo. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:45 [Xen-changelog] Tidy and comment use of canonicalise_mode, et al. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:44 [Xen-changelog] Cleanup backend block device logic under save/restore; this should Xen patchbot -unstable
16:44 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:44 [Xen-changelog] Increase device timeout to 10 seconds, as restarting a DHCP server takes a few Xen patchbot -unstable
16:44 [Xen-changelog] Support facilities for the new DHCP support. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:44 [Xen-changelog] Added trap for ERR, to get better response from the scripts when they are really Xen patchbot -unstable
16:44 [Xen-changelog] Replace grep >&/dev/null with grep -q. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:44 [Xen-changelog] Added DHCP server support, configured by a dhcp=yes parameter. This will write Xen patchbot -unstable
16:44 [Xen-changelog] Avoid audit code during live migrate on 32bit since it's not required. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:44 [Xen-changelog] Tidy up audit code for PAE plus avoid its use during live migrate where Xen patchbot -unstable
15:04 [Xen-changelog] Remove shadow32 dead code (it's never built for other than Xen patchbot -unstable
13:38 [Xen-changelog] Fix vmx guest issue of allowing accessing supervisor page Xen patchbot -unstable
13:38 [Xen-changelog] Small fix for shadow mode: fix a p.t. limit check. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:38 [Xen-changelog] Clean up a previous qemu workaround where we use Xen patchbot -unstable
12:08 [Xen-changelog] Fix a race condition for multi-thread qemu dma, where vmx linux guests Xen patchbot -unstable
12:08 [Xen-changelog] Fix minor traceback in xen-bugtool when send fails Xen patchbot -unstable
12:08 [Xen-changelog] The device sharing check races when more than one file backed vbd is Xen patchbot -unstable
12:08 [Xen-changelog] Make psmouse module builtin. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:08 [Xen-changelog] Bundle vcpu_time and vcpu_info structures together into a single Xen patchbot -unstable
12:08 [Xen-changelog] Fix isConsoleDead() to actually run a command on the DomU, since a dead Xen patchbot -unstable
November 28, 05
19:52 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:52 [Xen-changelog] Change uuid string format to match that outputted by Xen. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:52 [Xen-changelog] Use StringIO to simplify string_iterator here. Altered the up-front Xen patchbot -unstable
19:52 [Xen-changelog] Added README.xen-bugtool. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:52 [Xen-changelog] Move mk-symlinks target into tools/Rules.mk. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:52 [Xen-changelog] Hardcode many cpu features for x86/64 -- we know 64-bit Xen patchbot -unstable
18:10 [Xen-changelog] In alloc_vcpu_struct, after doing a memset on the new allocated vcpu, we Xen patchbot -unstable
18:10 [Xen-changelog] Remove bogus extra unmap_domain_page() call in Xen patchbot -unstable
16:32 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
16:32 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
16:32 [Xen-changelog] minor printf and log message rework in the shadow code. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:32 [Xen-changelog] Allow __gpfn_to_mfn() to automatically deal with translated domains != current. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:32 [Xen-changelog] Fix regexp in install scripts so it works with sed. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:32 [Xen-changelog] Avoid ccache and distcc for x86-64 compilation of ia32/syscall32.c Xen patchbot -unstable
16:32 [Xen-changelog] arch/xen/kernel/fixup.c -> arch/xen/i386/kernel/fixup.c Xen patchbot -unstable
14:44 [Xen-changelog] Simplify boot_vcpu() implementation. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:44 [Xen-changelog] Change uses of \s within sed regexps -- some versions of sed do not support this Xen patchbot -unstable
14:44 [Xen-changelog] Added xen-bugtool, an application that collects various system logs and can Xen patchbot -unstable
November 27, 05
14:26 [Xen-changelog] Set a console limit, in order to detect runaways. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:10 [Xen-changelog] Fix console handling; saveLog call was broken if ConsoleError occurred. Xen patchbot -unstable
03:50 [Xen-changelog] Remove keyword from call to xc.domain_setmaxmem; keyword support for this call Xen patchbot -unstable
02:25 [Xen-changelog] Write the error message and the hotplug-status=busy in the same transaction, to Xen patchbot -unstable
02:24 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:24 [Xen-changelog] Change the console handling, to remove the loop and timeout if a console fails Xen patchbot -unstable
02:24 [Xen-changelog] Use the getId method to tidy up simple call to domid. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:24 [Xen-changelog] Remove looping from handling of xm domid. This command should now work first Xen patchbot -unstable
02:24 [Xen-changelog] Mark 03_network_attach_detach as XFAIL. There are known bugs in the network Xen patchbot -unstable
02:24 [Xen-changelog] Restore 05_create_noroot, as this test now seems to work, and remove Xen patchbot -unstable
02:24 [Xen-changelog] Remove some Makefile cruft. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:24 [Xen-changelog] Added device-sharing checks for loopback-mounted files. The existing Xen patchbot -unstable
02:24 [Xen-changelog] Renable FAIL call that was disabled back when block-attach did not work. Xen patchbot -unstable
November 26, 05
14:08 [Xen-changelog] Fix formatting. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:08 [Xen-changelog] Fix save/restore and migrate on x86_64. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:08 [Xen-changelog] More cleanups to the pmd-shared patch. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:08 [Xen-changelog] Clean the arch_memory_op() for-loop header. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:08 [Xen-changelog] Fix x86_64 build. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:37 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:37 [Xen-changelog] Fix handling of devid_end when devid is an integer, but not present as a device. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:36 [Xen-changelog] Fix the unpause_basic test. The console will appear to have failed, given the Xen patchbot -unstable
02:36 [Xen-changelog] Fix the 06_block-list_checkremove test. The use of string.find was invalid Xen patchbot -unstable
02:36 [Xen-changelog] Added a comment. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:36 [Xen-changelog] Also, make a small tweak to the 12_block_attach test so that we don't leave Xen patchbot -unstable
02:36 [Xen-changelog] Check when using physical devices that the device is not already in use. Using Xen patchbot -unstable
02:36 [Xen-changelog] Only write a success node when coming online, not going offline. Delete the Xen patchbot -unstable
02:36 [Xen-changelog] Only write a success node when coming online, not going offline. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:36 [Xen-changelog] Don't issue the iptables diagnostic when removing entries. Depending upon your Xen patchbot -unstable
02:36 [Xen-changelog] Match rename of parameters to match the corresponding hotplug events. This Xen patchbot -unstable
November 25, 05
19:42 [Xen-changelog] Implement new memory_op() XENMEM_machphys_mfn_list. Replaces old Xen patchbot -unstable
19:42 [Xen-changelog] In shadow-external mode, every VCPU must free its own Xen patchbot -unstable
18:18 [Xen-changelog] Tolerate temporary inconsistency between type info and page contents on Xen patchbot -unstable
16:54 [Xen-changelog] check_hotplug fails on one of my machines running ubunto 4.10 "Warty Xen patchbot -unstable
16:54 [Xen-changelog] Add help option on runtests.sh Xen patchbot -unstable
16:54 [Xen-changelog] Add sanity checks that let us know if there are any problems before Xen patchbot -unstable
16:54 [Xen-changelog] Fix stupid invalid syntax on network-attach tests. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:22 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:22 [Xen-changelog] Move XenbusState from the Linux-specific xenbus.h into a new file with the Xen Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] Use page-sized batches in GETPAGEFRAMEINFO2 (and generally tidy up). Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Fix the issue of on x86_64, rhel4 can not get into runlevel 5. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:36 [Xen-changelog] I cleaned up acm_ops.c and eliminated returns inside the switch Xen patchbot -unstable
09:36 [Xen-changelog] Update vtpm driver following the recent changes to the Xen patchbot -unstable
00:16 [Xen-changelog] Another PAE fix for pgd_ctor. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:16 [Xen-changelog] Big reworking of SHARED_KERNEL_PMD logic. Includes several Xen patchbot -unstable
00:16 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:16 [Xen-changelog] Programmatically generate the xm help strings from the snippets, rather than Xen patchbot -unstable
00:16 [Xen-changelog] Added a count of the number of users of this block device, and refuse to close Xen patchbot -unstable
00:16 [Xen-changelog] Remove CONFIG_PREEMPT configuration option from Xen kernel builds. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:16 [Xen-changelog] Quieten down grant-table transfer failure when it is because Xen patchbot -unstable
November 24, 05
19:46 [Xen-changelog] More PAE PGD fixes. Ensure we do not pin PGDs with no kernel Xen patchbot -unstable
19:46 [Xen-changelog] Fix pgd allocation for PAE. We must handle the fact that Xen patchbot -unstable
18:32 [Xen-changelog] Fix 32b non-pae build. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:32 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:32 [Xen-changelog] Check whether a device is already configured before trying to configure it Xen patchbot -unstable
18:32 [Xen-changelog] Support destruction of device by /dev/sda1 (for example) even when the Xen patchbot -unstable
18:32 [Xen-changelog] Minor tidy, no semantic change. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:32 [Xen-changelog] Shootdown TLB entries across all VCPUs for SMP shadow mode. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:32 [Xen-changelog] Re-enable tools support for live migration on PAE. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:32 [Xen-changelog] Quiet down live migrate on PAE domains. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:32 [Xen-changelog] Clean up mark_dirty() implementation to check for log-dirty Xen patchbot -unstable
15:28 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused 'nr_recs' field from trace-buffer header Xen patchbot -unstable
12:30 [Xen-changelog] Adds ac_timer based polling to the ns16550 UART driver. This is Xen patchbot -unstable
12:30 [Xen-changelog] This fixes a small race between when a domain is created and when xentop Xen patchbot -unstable
12:30 [Xen-changelog] xen/common/acm_ops.c, check for a NULL pointer and then Xen patchbot -unstable
12:30 [Xen-changelog] dom0_ops return -EACCES when the interface version in wrong. I think Xen patchbot -unstable
12:30 [Xen-changelog] Clean up some Xen files in the ioemulator. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:20 [Xen-changelog] Fix ia64 build. Two typos in header files. Xen patchbot -unstable
06:17 [Xen-changelog] Compile IDE drivers as builtins instead of modules. Xen patchbot -unstable
06:17 [Xen-changelog] Make the microcode driver builtin. Xen patchbot -unstable
06:17 [Xen-changelog] Disable crufty modules still using cli and friends. Xen patchbot -unstable
November 23, 05
22:14 [Xen-changelog] Reverse accidental commits for changesets 8001 and 7996-7999. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:01 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:01 [Xen-changelog] Added comment describing usage. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:01 [Xen-changelog] imported patch quiet_linux_build.patch Xen patchbot -unstable
21:00 [Xen-changelog] imported patch trace-thread.patch Xen patchbot -unstable
21:00 [Xen-changelog] imported patch my-config Xen patchbot -unstable
21:00 [Xen-changelog] imported patch logging-thread.patch Xen patchbot -unstable
21:00 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:00 [Xen-changelog] Don't treat the failure of ifconfig vifX.Y down as a fatal error. This hasn't Xen patchbot -unstable
21:00 [Xen-changelog] Remove the frontend device directories as well as the backend ones. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:00 [Xen-changelog] Inside xenbus_switch_state, don't write the new state if the node has already Xen patchbot -unstable
21:00 [Xen-changelog] Added a hotplug KOBJ_OFFLINE call, for symmetry with the ONLINE call used here. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:00 [Xen-changelog] Build the mouse device into the kernel. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:26 [Xen-devel] Re: [Xen-changelog] Fix Xen to build with gcc-4.1. Jerone Young
15:16 [Xen-changelog] Fix Xen to build with gcc-4.1. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:16 [Xen-changelog] Add __iomem and __user pointer annotations to linux sparse tree. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:16 [Xen-changelog] Fix __gpfn_to_mfn() to work correctly when not executed Xen patchbot -unstable
15:16 [Xen-changelog] Clean up use of get_pfn_from_mfn(). Xen patchbot -unstable
15:16 [Xen-changelog] Move arch-specific portions of grant-table implementation Xen patchbot -unstable
15:16 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:16 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:16 [Xen-changelog] Make sure that accesses to the machine_to_phys table all go through Xen patchbot -unstable
13:40 [Xen-changelog] xm-test: add tests for network-attach command Xen patchbot -unstable
13:40 [Xen-changelog] Add tests for bug #331 Xen patchbot -unstable
13:40 [Xen-changelog] Make 04_memset_smallmem differentiate between console run-away and console Xen patchbot -unstable
13:40 [Xen-changelog] Fix to xm create --help from Ken Grant. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:40 [Xen-changelog] BUG_ON test for xmalloc alignment should not be excluded Xen patchbot -unstable
13:40 [Xen-changelog] Intel systems with more than 8 CPUs require that the APIC is configured Xen patchbot -unstable
11:56 [Xen-changelog] Add -Wdeclaration-after-statement to CFLAGS only if the Xen patchbot -unstable
November 22, 05
19:54 [Xen-changelog] Avoid GPF when attempting to save / restore 64bit guests. More thought Xen patchbot -unstable
19:54 [Xen-changelog] Add -Wdeclaration-after-statement to Xen and tools build. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:54 [Xen-changelog] Tidy up debugging output. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:54 [Xen-changelog] Better handle page type info becoming incoherent during live migrate. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:20 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:20 [Xen-changelog] Make it possible to run valgrind on code linked with the libxc libraries. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:36 [Xen-changelog] When a foreign page is mapped via a grant reference, it Xen patchbot -unstable
14:38 [Xen-changelog] Ignore live flag on PAE/64-bit migrations, rather than Xen patchbot -unstable
12:54 [Xen-changelog] SHADOW_CONTROL_OP_OFF should be checkign whether shadow mode Xen patchbot -unstable
07:50 [Xen-changelog] Fix the zombie domain when destroying 2.6 linux vmx guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:04 [Xen-changelog] Build the USB boot keyboard and mouse drivers as modules, so the real Xen patchbot -unstable
November 21, 05
22:49 [Xen-changelog] Fix syntax error. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:49 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:49 [Xen-changelog] Misc fixes for breakage when moving to new Python/C interface style. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:49 [Xen-changelog] use help in create.py for "xm help create" Xen patchbot -unstable
22:49 [Xen-changelog] Catch parsing errors in xm create. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:48 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:48 [Xen-changelog] As with xs.c, change the module interface to match the current Python/C Xen patchbot -unstable
22:48 [Xen-changelog] Tidy use of module / package names. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:48 [Xen-changelog] Remove many unnecessary uses of keyword arguments, to reduce complexity. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:48 [Xen-changelog] Remove unnecessary assert. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:48 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:48 [Xen-changelog] Return the changed path as an argument to the watch callback. This is useful Xen patchbot -unstable
22:48 [Xen-changelog] Change semantics of gnttab_transfer to take the page away Xen patchbot -unstable
22:48 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:48 [Xen-changelog] Fix removal of use of scheduler, broken earlier today by mismerge. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:14 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:14 [Xen-changelog] Changes check for "udev", so that it works on debian sid (that does not Xen patchbot -unstable
18:14 [Xen-changelog] Added document to collate information regarding distro-specific Xen patchbot -unstable
18:14 [Xen-changelog] 1) "brctl show" has no parameters. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:14 [Xen-changelog] First stab at a xend-config.sxp man page. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:14 [Xen-changelog] Update the memory_op() hypercall. Add two new subcommands, to Xen patchbot -unstable
18:14 [Xen-changelog] Fix 'belt + braces' check in xc_linux_save and improve error handling Xen patchbot -unstable
18:14 [Xen-changelog] Linux swiotlb now uses correct method for determining if any RAM Xen patchbot -unstable
16:17 [Xen-changelog] Mute error message on SMP resume if a secondary CPU is Xen patchbot -unstable
16:17 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:17 [Xen-changelog] Replace initialiser for readonly parameter in xshandle_init that should never Xen patchbot -unstable
16:17 [Xen-changelog] Fix grant-table transfer implementation. Also fix transfer Xen patchbot -unstable
16:17 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:17 [Xen-changelog] Removed, now unused. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:17 [Xen-changelog] Append the new device config to our internal structure, in device_create. This Xen patchbot -unstable
16:17 [Xen-changelog] Catch RuntimeError inside initDomain, for better handling of out-of-memory, etc. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:17 [Xen-changelog] Remove all unnecessary uses of keyword arguments, to reduce complexity. In Xen patchbot -unstable
16:16 [Xen-changelog] Remove last remaining use of scheduler.py, so we can remove the whole module. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:16 [Xen-changelog] Downgrade debug message to level "trace". Xen patchbot -unstable
16:16 [Xen-changelog] Added another test. Fix the existing tests to close the written config file Xen patchbot -unstable
16:16 [Xen-changelog] Added reset method to Opts so that create.parseCommandLine can be used more than Xen patchbot -unstable
16:16 [Xen-changelog] Remove whole piles of cruft from the connection layer. The only thing that was Xen patchbot -unstable
16:16 [Xen-changelog] Added method so that SrvDaemon can be run in the foreground without all the Xen patchbot -unstable
16:16 [Xen-changelog] Fix typo, and failure to unpack singleton tuple correctly. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:16 [Xen-changelog] Added unit test for the DevController subclasses. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:16 [Xen-changelog] Change the module registration declarations and change the object creation and Xen patchbot -unstable
November 20, 05
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Merge with xen-ia64-unstable.hg. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Recode usage of FPSR_DEFAULT due to strange double declaration Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Merge Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Fall back to zx1-based configs, defconfigs don't work yet to boot domU Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix read of guest psr to properly set dfh and other bits (by Matt Chapman) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Properly pass iha/itir if data miss occurs when fetching privop (by Matt Chapman) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Remove DOMU_BUILD_STAGING and supporting code entirely, no longer needed Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Turn off DOMU_BUILD_STAGING, no longer needed (flagged by Kevin Tian) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Parse all ACPI MADT entries, not just NR_CPUS (by Alex Williamson) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Turn off duplicate console output (by Alex Williamson) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Remove old version of xen xlilo patch Xen patchbot -unstable
12:58 [Xen-changelog] Integration of the xen4xlilo patch. (by Tristan Gingold) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:58 [Xen-changelog] Enable build to work for both generic and non-generic (hpsim issue) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:58 [Xen-changelog] Changes so that Xen can be compiled with gcc 4.0.2: (by Tristan Gingold) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:58 [Xen-changelog] Enable generic build for dom0 and build for domU with CONFIG_VT forced off Xen patchbot -unstable
12:58 [Xen-changelog] Fix problem if itlb miss occurs when in metaphysical mode Xen patchbot -unstable
12:58 [Xen-changelog] Support dom0_mem parameter at boot option (by Masaki Kanno) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:58 [Xen-changelog] Fix delivery of nat consumption faults (still chatty) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:58 [Xen-changelog] Punt to slow path for itc.i/d for region0 to avoid metaphys problem Xen patchbot -unstable
12:58 [Xen-changelog] Fix region0 virtual accesses Xen patchbot -unstable
11:12 [Xen-changelog] Small build fix to Python xenstore interface library. Xen patchbot -unstable
November 19, 05
12:36 [Xen-changelog] Move tpmfe.h file next to other xen specific header files. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:36 [Xen-changelog] The patch allows one to configure NR_CPUS >8 (16 by default, same as the Xen patchbot -unstable
12:36 [Xen-changelog] Enable the Xen hypervisor ACM security policy to be determined at boot Xen patchbot -unstable
12:36 [Xen-changelog] This patch is to fix a few performance "bugs" in the xenmon.py script. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:36 [Xen-changelog] Fix shadow log-dirty mode for x86_64 xenlinux. Tested Xen patchbot -unstable
12:36 [Xen-changelog] Revert 04a7decd0645b23f1f398340e927eb191f0e754d since it's not needed. Xen patchbot -unstable
04:40 [Xen-changelog] Fix support for sxp domain configuration files. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:06 [Xen-changelog] Do not allow an uninitialised VCPU to be brought up. Also Xen patchbot -unstable
00:06 [Xen-changelog] Only resume xenbus /after/ we've prepared our VCPUs; otherwise the Xen patchbot -unstable
November 18, 05
20:15 [Xen-changelog] The xentrace_format script doesn't work on x86/64. Python pads the input Xen patchbot -unstable
20:15 [Xen-changelog] make_page_readonly() must flush unused kmaps when handling Xen patchbot -unstable
20:15 [Xen-changelog] Improve make_page_readonly and make_page_writable: Xen patchbot -unstable
20:15 [Xen-changelog] Simplify arbitrary_virt_to_phys, and fix the x86/64 version to mask Xen patchbot -unstable
20:15 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:15 [Xen-changelog] Remove one further reference to network_limit_help that I missed when merging. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:15 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:15 [Xen-changelog] Remove barbaric abuse of goto out of one nested block and into a previous one. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:15 [Xen-changelog] Initialise the request ID in xs_talkv, to silence valgrind. We're not actually Xen patchbot -unstable
20:15 [Xen-changelog] Initialise the request ID in xs_talkv, to silence valgrind. We're not actually Xen patchbot -unstable
20:15 [Xen-changelog] Simplify the logic of each of the functions here, removing the many bizarre Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] From Ken Grant: Add per command help / make help match new man pages. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] Disable live relocation for PAE and x86/64. Currently it can Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] Remove conditionally-compiled code for Linux 2.4. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] Make test 15_create_smallmem pass mem=16M on the kernel command line. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] Added a test to verify that devices come and go from block-list Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] updates to xmdomain.cfg.5 man page to document most used options, and Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] Add hping to the ramdisk. Also, do some very simple versioning. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] trivial add to .hgignore to ignore all the pulled content for xm-test's buildroot Xen patchbot -unstable
20:14 [Xen-changelog] added block device content, including finding a few more bugs in xen Xen patchbot -unstable
13:32 [Xen-changelog] Set up fully-virtualised RTC time zone default to local Xen patchbot -unstable
November 17, 05
16:03 [Xen-changelog] Fix race in blkfront resume path (watch thread could fire watch during the Xen patchbot -unstable
16:03 [Xen-changelog] Fix x86-64 build. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:03 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
16:03 [Xen-changelog] Fix event_pending() macro to match the assembly-language Xen patchbot -unstable
16:03 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] Correct buffer->size at the same time as buffer->capacity when shrinking down a Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] The perdomain mapping area in Xen space requires more than Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] Fix IOCTL_PRIVCMD_GET_MACH2PHYS_MFNS to work properly for Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] Documentation: remove Twisted Matrix pre-req Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] Updates to the xm-test README file. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] This patch explains network-* options in xm.1, including the bits that are Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] Update 01_pause_basic test for new console behavior. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] Make test 04_memset detect bug #380 and restart the console daemon. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:02 [Xen-changelog] Here's the patch for making the otherend_changed entrypoint Xen patchbot -unstable
11:30 [Xen-changelog] Fix pinning logic on restore. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:30 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:30 [Xen-changelog] Test for creating a domain with too little memory. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:30 [Xen-changelog] Make 01_reboot test more robust. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:30 [Xen-changelog] One more try... Xen patchbot -unstable
11:30 [Xen-changelog] Fix annoying error introduced during cleanup. Oops. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:30 [Xen-changelog] Trivial fixes for 64bit and xend. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Many fixes for save/restore and related areas for PAE in particular. Now Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Watch for changes in the /vm section of the store, so that we update our Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Added an unwatch method, so that XendDomainInfo can unregister the watch from Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Move the registration of the @releaseDomain watch so that we avoid a watch Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Downgrade the failure to change the iptables settings from fatal to an error. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Dom0 might not be called Domain-0, so ask for the name in shutdown.py, instead of hardcoding it Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Rename XENVER_parameters to slightly more informative Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Review checks for Error string when checking that bad arguments are handled Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Fix up start_info_t magic string to match the format of Xen patchbot -unstable
11:28 [Xen-changelog] This fixes the following scenerio: Xen patchbot -unstable
11:28 [Xen-changelog] Change ISA_IO_BASE to fix_to_virt(FIX_ISAMAP_BEGIN). It used to be Xen patchbot -unstable
11:28 [Xen-changelog] Remove unnecessary cast of kmalloc() result. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:28 [Xen-changelog] Add definitions of some swiotlb symbols to pci-dma.c. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:28 [Xen-changelog] /dev/mem write function should use copy_from_user, not copy_to_user. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:28 [Xen-changelog] merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:28 [Xen-changelog] Correctly export xencons functions to avoid ugly 'extern' Xen patchbot -unstable
11:28 [Xen-changelog] Fix function that shouldn't be globally defined. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:28 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:28 [Xen-changelog] The following patch removes every (hopefully) reference to network-limit. Xen patchbot -unstable
November 16, 05
13:12 [Xen-changelog] Trivial coding style fix. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:12 [Xen-changelog] Add function declarations, and ensure we prevent mismatch Xen patchbot -unstable
13:12 [Xen-changelog] Replace 0 with NULL when assigning pointer fields/parameters. Xen patchbot -unstable
November 15, 05
21:18 [Xen-changelog] Fix 64-bit build that I broke by making acpi table mapping Xen patchbot -unstable
21:18 [Xen-changelog] Make watchStart and watchMain global functions rather than classmethods, Xen patchbot -unstable
21:18 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:18 [Xen-changelog] Have a watch callback return 0 or 1 depending upon whether it would like to Xen patchbot -unstable
21:18 [Xen-changelog] Remove the handling of TypeError inside gather. It is not thrown by int() Xen patchbot -unstable
21:18 [Xen-changelog] Ensure we initialise the cpu_present_map before Xen patchbot -unstable
21:18 [Xen-changelog] This patch fixes dom0 SMP vcpu hotplug. Currently, domains without Xen patchbot -unstable
21:18 [Xen-changelog] This patch fixes a number of vcpu related issues. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:18 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:18 [Xen-changelog] Fix race between xspy_read_watch and xspy_watch, by placing the watch in the Xen patchbot -unstable
21:17 [Xen-changelog] Upgrade Xen's msr.h to include definitions from Linux 2.6.14. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:17 [Xen-changelog] acpi change is Xen/x86 specific, so make it dependent on Xen patchbot -unstable
21:17 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:17 [Xen-changelog] Have the vif scripts expect the offline event, not the remove event. With Xen patchbot -unstable
21:17 [Xen-changelog] Added link_exists function, for neatness. Check for the existence of the pdev Xen patchbot -unstable
21:17 [Xen-changelog] Reduce the time required to start xm-test domains by allowing the console Xen patchbot -unstable
21:17 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:17 [Xen-changelog] This patch is largely stylistic, and gets rid of StuddlyCaps formatting in Xen patchbot -unstable
21:17 [Xen-changelog] This patch adds more content around the scheduler portions of the xm.1 man Xen patchbot -unstable
21:17 [Xen-changelog] This patch is another in the continued effort to flesh out the man pages, it Xen patchbot -unstable
21:16 [Xen-changelog] Update hgignore list. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:16 [Xen-changelog] The new userland monitoring tool, XenMon. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:16 [Xen-changelog] Extra tracing in Xen to support XenMon. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:16 [Xen-changelog] Previous changeset trivially broke ioemu/helper2.c. Fix it. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:16 [Xen-changelog] This patch fixed keyboard issue for linux kernel 2.6 in vmx guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:16 [Xen-changelog] Properly declare ioapic_update_EOI(). Xen patchbot -unstable
21:16 [Xen-changelog] Initialise secondary CPUs via an arch_initcall rather than Xen patchbot -unstable
21:16 [Xen-changelog] get_page_type() must clean up writable pagetable state Xen patchbot -unstable
21:16 [Xen-changelog] Better fix for flushing conflicting batched ptwr state Xen patchbot -unstable
21:16 [Xen-changelog] Flush writable pagetable state before emulating a PT Xen patchbot -unstable
November 14, 05
18:59 [Xen-changelog] Use make_lowmem_page_readonly/writable() in preference to the Xen patchbot -unstable
18:59 [Xen-changelog] Failure to revalidate a writable pagetable page should crash Xen patchbot -unstable
18:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix check for a working iptables installation. Checking for the iptables Xen patchbot -unstable
18:59 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:59 [Xen-changelog] Added line of debugging to try and catch hotplug script race. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:59 [Xen-changelog] Allocate MAC addresses using Xensource Inc's new OUI. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:59 [Xen-changelog] Declare local variables at the start of a block, not in the middle Xen patchbot -unstable
18:59 [Xen-changelog] Clean up xenstore/console shared page initialisation, which is Xen patchbot -unstable
18:59 [Xen-changelog] Revert accidentally applied changes from changeset Xen patchbot -unstable
18:59 [Xen-changelog] Trivial Makefile cleanup for ioemu. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:59 [Xen-changelog] If /sbin/ isn't in the path, udev rules will erroneously not get Xen patchbot -unstable
18:59 [Xen-changelog] The various changes to move to using info instead of passing the config Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] Further changes to xm.1 man page. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] From Charles Coffing <ccoffing@xxxxxxxxxx>: Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] New location for code common to both netfront and netback, with the MAC parsing Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] The following patch is work in progress to add more meat to the xm.1 man Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] This test was failing for he wrong reason. Calls to block-attach after the Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] Disable use of mmap. This allows Xenstored to run with an NFS-mounted Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] New Xenbus driver structure, bringing an explicit state machine to the table. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] Rename the commands inside the hotplug scripts to match those used by hotplug Xen patchbot -unstable
November 12, 05
10:54 [Xen-changelog] Don't call iptables if it is not installed. This code is only there to ensure Xen patchbot -unstable
10:54 [Xen-changelog] Attached patch allows PAE xenlinux to run in the shadow mode using Xen patchbot -unstable
10:54 [Xen-changelog] Fix make_page_readonly/make_page_writeable on PAE guests - previous behaviour Xen patchbot -unstable
November 11, 05
17:58 [Xen-changelog] Fix function call syntax in vif-route and vif-nat. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:28 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:27 [Xen-changelog] Chmod a+x. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:27 [Xen-changelog] Missed two files from NULL-pointer-check changeset. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:27 [Xen-changelog] Remove unnecessary NULL checks before freeing memory blocks. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:27 [Xen-changelog] Fix application of OS patches to deal better with failure. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:27 [Xen-changelog] Max xen skbuff allocation is now 64KB. kmem caches only Xen patchbot -unstable
16:27 [Xen-changelog] Merge with xen-unstable-ia64.hg Xen patchbot -unstable
16:27 [Xen-changelog] Enable gcc3.4 with CONFIG_SMP (by Alex Williamson) Xen patchbot -unstable
16:27 [Xen-changelog] Blkfront no longer built by default, need CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_FRONTEND Xen patchbot -unstable
16:27 [Xen-changelog] Fix typo Xen patchbot -unstable
16:27 [Xen-changelog] Merge Xen patchbot -unstable
16:27 [Xen-changelog] Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable Xen patchbot -unstable
16:26 [Xen-changelog] Reflect various missing traps/faults (flagged with printf for now). Xen patchbot -unstable
16:26 [Xen-changelog] Adapt to new evtchn interfaces. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:26 [Xen-changelog] Back out partial fix in ia64-unstable 7665/7/8, breaks Debian boot Xen patchbot -unstable
16:26 [Xen-changelog] Don't panic for other region physaddr handling in vcpu_translate Xen patchbot -unstable
16:26 [Xen-changelog] Don't panic for (rare) dom0 physaddr with uncacheable attribute Xen patchbot -unstable
16:26 [Xen-changelog] Fix ia64 tools build (new parameter in xc_vmx_build) Xen patchbot -unstable
16:26 [Xen-changelog] Enable region0 virtual addresss in vcpu_translate (but still broken elsewhere) Xen patchbot -unstable
16:26 [Xen-changelog] Fix domU (by Kevin Tian) Xen patchbot -unstable
16:26 [Xen-changelog] nloopbacks default is now 8. So vifnum of greater than 7 requires Xen patchbot -unstable
16:26 [Xen-changelog] Add MOVSX instr support to VMX MMIO decoder. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:12 [Xen-changelog] Remove unnecessary ifdef in defn of xprintk. Install Xen patchbot -unstable
November 10, 05
20:50 [Xen-changelog] Fix Linux fault.c indentation. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:50 [Xen-changelog] Fix page-table dump on PAE with >4GB MFNs. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:20 [Xen-changelog] Merge with http://xenbits.xensource.com/ext/xen-unstable-docs.hg Xen patchbot -unstable
19:20 [Xen-changelog] Add "Securing Xen" adapted from Anthony Liguori's Wiki entry. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:20 [Xen-changelog] A few doc cleanups. Replace bitkeeper with mercurial. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:20 [Xen-changelog] This patch use same expression as vif for vmx guest but has a distinguish "type=ioemu" Xen patchbot -unstable
19:20 [Xen-changelog] Removed autogenerated file. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:20 [Xen-changelog] Fix the log reopening by moving the code with all the races out of the signal Xen patchbot -unstable
17:08 [Xen-changelog] Indirect writes to phys_to_machine_mapping array through an inline Xen patchbot -unstable
17:08 [Xen-changelog] When creating exception/interrupt stack frames for a guest, Xen patchbot -unstable
17:07 [Xen-changelog] This patch fix some issue on masked interrupt: Xen patchbot -unstable
17:07 [Xen-changelog] Fix IPI handling before vcpu launched Xen patchbot -unstable
17:07 [Xen-changelog] For vmx domain, because shadow_mode_reference is set later in Xen patchbot -unstable
17:07 [Xen-changelog] Add some minor defensive coding/error handling in xc_vmx_build.c like Xen patchbot -unstable
17:07 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
17:07 [Xen-changelog] Enable xm console for vmx guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:07 [Xen-changelog] Fix some more bugs in pygrub including: Xen patchbot -unstable
17:07 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:07 [Xen-changelog] Various chmod a+x. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:07 [Xen-changelog] Modularize runtest.sh and add a quick option. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:07 [Xen-changelog] Make the 04_restore test verify that two block devices and two nics are Xen patchbot -unstable
17:07 [Xen-changelog] Remove this accidental commit Xen patchbot -unstable
17:07 [Xen-changelog] Tweak the usage of mke2fs to be quiet, so that the XML reports Xen patchbot -unstable
17:06 [Xen-changelog] Add this file that wasn't in the tarball for the initial import Xen patchbot -unstable
17:06 [Xen-changelog] Remove semicolons from Console.py. It's a habit. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:06 [Xen-changelog] Attached patch fixes a thinko in pygrub's setup.py Xen patchbot -unstable
17:06 [Xen-changelog] Enable export of set_nmi_callback in suitably priv 64-bit doms. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:06 [Xen-changelog] Updates comments in network-bridge, removes dead code, minor typo fixes. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:06 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:06 [Xen-changelog] Added missing __init__.py. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:06 [Xen-changelog] Fix shadow bitmap sizing for logdirty mode. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:06 [Xen-changelog] Move linear faulting address (%cr2) out of the page fault Xen patchbot -unstable
November 09, 05
17:53 [Xen-changelog] Cope with the ValueError exception that we get if you use Xend with the recent Xen patchbot -unstable
17:53 [Xen-changelog] Support recent change moving virtual IOAPIC model into Xen for Xen patchbot -unstable
17:52 [Xen-changelog] Attached patch allows building of netfront and blkfront as modules Xen patchbot -unstable
17:52 [Xen-changelog] gnttab_request_free_callback needs to be exported for building modular Xen patchbot -unstable
17:52 [Xen-changelog] Remove use of get_gendisk in blkfront gen_gendisk is no long exported Xen patchbot -unstable
17:52 [Xen-changelog] Allow xen_create_contiguous_region() to fail gracefully if it Xen patchbot -unstable
17:52 [Xen-changelog] More fixes for save/restore; use configured memory for generating sxp. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:52 [Xen-changelog] This patch prevents the xm-test console library from duplicating the Xen patchbot -unstable
17:52 [Xen-changelog] This patch adds a new test that attempts to save and restore a domain Xen patchbot -unstable
17:52 [Xen-changelog] Chmod a+x. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:52 [Xen-changelog] Fix 64-bit build. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:52 [Xen-changelog] Enable save/restore for PAE domains. Xen patchbot -unstable
November 08, 05
18:44 [Xen-changelog] Use '-' instead of '_' in xen version strings. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:54 [Xen-changelog] Fix alloc_skb() to ensure data is always physically contiguous. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:54 [Xen-changelog] Rationalise the kernel event-channel binding interfaces. The Xen patchbot -unstable
16:54 [Xen-changelog] Increase the static constant default number of loopback interfaces, nloopbacks, Xen patchbot -unstable
16:54 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:54 [Xen-changelog] Fix two leaks in the pyxc interface. The dictionaries are being added Xen patchbot -unstable
14:47 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
14:46 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
14:46 [Xen-changelog] Cleanup various shadow mode asserts. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:46 [Xen-changelog] Bug fix in error handling in get_page_from_l4e() Xen patchbot -unstable
14:46 [Xen-changelog] Fixed domain refcounting bug (found by inspection) Xen patchbot -unstable
14:46 [Xen-changelog] Fixed a bug in the audit code. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:46 [Xen-changelog] Fixed domain refcounting bug (found by inspection) Xen patchbot -unstable
14:46 [Xen-changelog] Fix vncviewer spawning so it actually works. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:46 [Xen-changelog] Added some minor defensive coding/error handling in xc_linux_build.c Xen patchbot -unstable
14:46 [Xen-changelog] Minor Makefile cleanup in tools/libxc/Makefile Xen patchbot -unstable
14:46 [Xen-changelog] Make xen0's default config match itself after a "make oldconfig" Xen patchbot -unstable
14:46 [Xen-changelog] Minor updates to .hgignore Xen patchbot -unstable
13:01 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:01 [Xen-changelog] Added file missed on commit of earlier patch by Dan Smith. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:01 [Xen-changelog] This patch removes all of the auto-generated files that were checked Xen patchbot -unstable
13:00 [Xen-changelog] This patch increments the version number of xm-test so that we can Xen patchbot -unstable
13:00 [Xen-changelog] This patch adds a URL to the reporting site, as well as a note about Xen patchbot -unstable
13:00 [Xen-changelog] 1. Set the UID and EUID of the process when trying to switch to a Xen patchbot -unstable
13:00 [Xen-changelog] 1. Unmark the 07 and 08 tests of block_attach as XFAIL Xen patchbot -unstable
13:00 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused parameter. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:00 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused and unnecessary gnttab ioctl. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:00 [Xen-changelog] Update tools/examples docs. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:00 [Xen-changelog] After move randomMac to netif in 7637, we need to this for vmx guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:00 [Xen-changelog] Remove the execute bit from shell snipplets (the -common files not Xen patchbot -unstable
13:00 [Xen-changelog] Fix the clean target of the tools/xenstore Makefile to Xen patchbot -unstable
11:58 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
11:58 [Xen-changelog] Merge xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable again (to get ioapic changes) Xen patchbot -unstable
11:58 [Xen-changelog] Enable ar.unat handling for fast paths (by Anthony Xu) Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] Missed ia64 changes to one drivers/xen file Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] Fast tlb miss reflection (mostly working, missing robustness, default off) Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] Minor driver code changes/rearrangement to reduce ia64-specific patches Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] Enable test for running_on_xen from modules Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] Fix gcc-3.4 compiler errors (submitted by Takebe Akio) Xen patchbot -unstable
11:56 [Xen-changelog] Oops, backout accidental test config, committed in wrong directory Xen patchbot -unstable
11:56 [Xen-changelog] Test new config Xen patchbot -unstable
11:56 [Xen-changelog] Fix console output and bug in evtchn_ia64 (by Tristan Gingold) Xen patchbot -unstable
11:56 [Xen-changelog] Fix ar.unat save/restore for fast rfi (by Anthony Xu) Xen patchbot -unstable
11:56 [Xen-changelog] Adapt for recent change in xen-unstable common/trace.c Xen patchbot -unstable
11:56 [Xen-changelog] Fix hyper_set_kr bug -- was always setting kr0. (Found by Kevin Tian) Xen patchbot -unstable
11:56 [Xen-changelog] Mask vector for delivering vhpt fault correctly. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:56 [Xen-changelog] Load kernel regs from virtual kernel regs at domain switch (found by Kevin Tian) Xen patchbot -unstable
11:56 [Xen-changelog] Fixes for first step in getting domU back up (by Kevin Tian) Xen patchbot -unstable
03:38 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
03:38 [Xen-changelog] Push the process of waiting for devices to come up right out of DevController, Xen patchbot -unstable
03:38 [Xen-changelog] Rearrange restart logic so that a failure to restart a domain does not cause Xen patchbot -unstable
03:38 [Xen-changelog] Mark plenty of variables as unused, and remove an unused import. Xen patchbot -unstable
03:38 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused XENSTORED_XYZ constants. Xen patchbot -unstable
03:38 [Xen-changelog] Rename parameter to avoid shadowing builtin. Xen patchbot -unstable
November 07, 05
19:55 [Xen-changelog] Fix pagetable pinning logic for xen/i386 kernels. The pin Xen patchbot -unstable
19:54 [Xen-changelog] This patch remove the obsolete ioapic code on qemu device model side. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:54 [Xen-changelog] This patch add virtual IOAPIC support for VMX guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:54 [Xen-changelog] This patch change the vmx mmio handler to static. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:10 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:10 [Xen-changelog] Added description of the behaviour of rename-restart. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:09 [Xen-changelog] Fixed syntax error in iopif patch. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:09 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
13:09 [Xen-changelog] fast_flush_area() should index the unmap request array using Xen patchbot -unstable
13:08 [Xen-changelog] Move the randomMAC method from xm.create into server.netif. This way, it can Xen patchbot -unstable
13:08 [Xen-changelog] Fix misnamed call to legacy_mask_to_prefix. Thanks to Tim Moreton for finding Xen patchbot -unstable
13:08 [Xen-changelog] Diagnostic for hitting the nloopbacks limit. This is presumably the cause of Xen patchbot -unstable
13:08 [Xen-changelog] Wholesale import of xm-test 0.4.0. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:08 [Xen-changelog] Hack around problem whereby VMX domains (using the ioemu device) now fail Xen patchbot -unstable
13:08 [Xen-changelog] Added assertion, to stop it blowing up more obscurely a little later. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:08 [Xen-changelog] Tidy exception handling on IntroduceDomain, quieten down one debug message, add Xen patchbot -unstable
13:08 [Xen-changelog] Make xenstored reopen its trace file on SIGHUP. This allows one to rotate the Xen patchbot -unstable
13:08 [Xen-changelog] Add support for the ioport_permission dom0 op to xend and xm Xen patchbot -unstable
November 06, 05
23:12 [Xen-changelog] Revert c/s 7626 -- it's missing a new file. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:12 [Xen-changelog] Fix error path in blkback driver where a grant mapping in the Xen patchbot -unstable
23:12 [Xen-changelog] Add support for the ioport_permission dom0 op to xend and xm Xen patchbot -unstable
23:12 [Xen-changelog] Added domain_ioport_permission to the python module xen.lowlevel.xc, Xen patchbot -unstable
23:12 [Xen-changelog] Added xc_domain_ioport_permission to libxc, which wraps the dom0 op Xen patchbot -unstable
16:52 [Xen-changelog] This patch adds a new boot parameter, dom0_ioports_disable, which Xen patchbot -unstable
November 05, 05
16:11 [Xen-changelog] This patch is intended to make qemu support ia64/vti. We have validated Xen patchbot -unstable
16:11 [Xen-changelog] This patch is to remove the pit_timer when the vmx domain is Xen patchbot -unstable
16:11 [Xen-changelog] vlapic_init alloc memory for struct vlapic, so it should do a memset on Xen patchbot -unstable
16:11 [Xen-changelog] Quiet down balloon driver. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:11 [Xen-changelog] Check correct flag in grant transfer - this eliminates the most common Xen patchbot -unstable
November 04, 05
16:34 [Xen-changelog] Remove shadow audit debugging. Too noisy for Xen patchbot -unstable
12:14 [Xen-changelog] Specifying 'mem=' as Linux boot parameter disables the default Xen patchbot -unstable
12:14 [Xen-changelog] This is a fix for some device model corner cases including: Xen patchbot -unstable
12:14 [Xen-changelog] This patch adds a check to make sure the config file passed to Xen patchbot -unstable
11:10 [Xen-changelog] This is another patch that adds an arg_check() to domid and domname so Xen patchbot -unstable
11:10 [Xen-changelog] This patch adds an arg_check into the set_vcpus code in xm, so that we Xen patchbot -unstable
November 03, 05
09:57 [Xen-changelog] Simplified vmx_platform.c by removing obsolete code and redundant vmread's. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:45 [Xen-changelog] Fix handling of child in forkHelper. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:45 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
November 02, 05
19:27 [Xen-changelog] Fix map_domain_page() by reverting a bogus simplification Xen patchbot -unstable
18:23 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:23 [Xen-changelog] Make SMP alternatives work under xenolinux rather than just native, Xen patchbot -unstable
16:45 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:45 [Xen-changelog] Rewritten handling of child stderr to avoid deadlock. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:27 [Xen-changelog] Make the -V option of xenconsoled actually do something. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:27 [Xen-changelog] Make it clear that the result of xs_get_domain_path() must be free()'d. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:27 [Xen-changelog] Fix memory leak in domain cleanup spotted by doremifa in #xen. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:27 [Xen-changelog] The attached patch to 1) fix a 64-bit bug with some of the data packing, Xen patchbot -unstable
11:19 [Xen-changelog] fix VMX decoder for MOVZ instruction. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:19 [Xen-changelog] Just some small code cleanup to shadow.c, no logic changed. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:19 [Xen-changelog] Changeset 7419 introduced a check for DOM0 before setting a bit in the Xen patchbot -unstable
November 01, 05
19:59 [Xen-changelog] >I'm hitting an ASSERT in alloc_monitor_pagetable() with debug=y and I Xen patchbot -unstable
18:55 [Xen-changelog] Fix 'nosmp' and ensure that CPU#0 is reported properly Xen patchbot -unstable
17:35 [Xen-changelog] Temporary fix for blkfront failure on save/restore. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:35 [Xen-changelog] Fix CPU hotplug -- cpu initialisation functions must be declared Xen patchbot -unstable
17:35 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:35 [Xen-changelog] Catch KeyboardInterrupt, to avoid spewing error messages on Ctrl-C. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] Added missing __init__.py. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] Disable guest firmware apm since no apm is supported now to remove the Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] The following patch adds a section for SHUTDOWN OPTIONS for the xmdomain.cfg Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] Fix docs: xm set-mem => xm mem-set. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] There is an error in xenstat, such that a wild pointer is being Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] Fix the DISPLAY configration that breaks vmx domain creation with SDL Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] Add get_cycles(), to be defined in asm/time.h, as a Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] From Murillo Fernandes Bernardes <mfb@xxxxxxxxxx>: Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] From Gerd Knorr <kraxel@xxxxxxx>: Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] Added new xentrace executables tbctl and setsize. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] Use _p to fix, once and for all, the debugging printf recently changed. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] Removed the event server, and all it entails. This is unused, and a big pile Xen patchbot -unstable
17:33 [Xen-changelog] Removed some dead code. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:33 [Xen-changelog] Ignore the directories containing generated man pages. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:33 [Xen-changelog] Make check_pkgs work with the Bourne shell Xen patchbot -unstable
17:33 [Xen-changelog] Update .hgignore. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:33 [Xen-changelog] Fix PAE shadow on a machine with RAM above 4G on x86_64 xen. Xen patchbot -unstable

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