xen-changelog - Mail Index

March 31, 06
18:10 [Xen-changelog] Fix do_IRQ high bit masking. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:06 [Xen-changelog] Plumb network vif credit-based rate limiting thorugh xenbus Xen patchbot -unstable
14:12 [Xen-changelog] Currently, xm & xend allow an XAUTHORITY to be specified in the config Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] Various softirq cleanups: Xen patchbot -unstable
11:24 [Xen-changelog] Disable xen bus and grant tables when supervisor_mode_kernel is enabled. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:24 [Xen-changelog] See panic messages before the post message processing. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:24 [Xen-changelog] Enable the setting and trapping of breakpoints for hvm guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:22 [Xen-changelog] The ia64 build doesn't yet include drivers/xen/Kconfig directly so we Xen patchbot -unstable
01:08 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:08 [Xen-changelog] Remove the transaction parameter from xenbus_switch_state and move the state Xen patchbot -unstable
01:08 [Xen-changelog] Better formatting of error messages for xmlrpclib.Faults, matching similar code Xen patchbot -unstable
01:08 [Xen-changelog] Print error messages to stderr. Remove unused handle_xend_error. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:08 [Xen-changelog] Set the permissions correctly on the XML-RPC UDP socket, so that non-root users Xen patchbot -unstable
01:08 [Xen-changelog] Further attempts to recover from a corrupt store, this one triggered when a Xen patchbot -unstable
01:07 [Xen-changelog] Don't use abbreviated ip subcommands -- these are not accepted by iproute2. Xen patchbot -unstable
March 30, 06
18:40 [Xen-changelog] Remove __HYPERVISOR_sched_op_new in favour of a header file interface version number system. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:40 [Xen-changelog] Change how we add the include asm override to CPPFLAGS. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:40 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:40 [Xen-changelog] Added medium-length (around 20 minute run-time) test group. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:40 [Xen-changelog] The attached trivial patch fixes cases where a block device is mounted Xen patchbot -unstable
18:39 [Xen-changelog] Fix comment. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:12 [Xen-changelog] More fixes to gdbserver for HVM guest debugging. Also fix Xen patchbot -unstable
15:11 [Xen-changelog] Use AFLAGS for assembly files so we can "+=" more flags. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:11 [Xen-changelog] Include the E7520 (e.g., Dell 1850) irqbalance quirk fix even when Xen patchbot -unstable
12:44 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:44 [Xen-changelog] Check the return value of domain_lookup_by_name_or_id_nr for None (i.e. no Xen patchbot -unstable
12:43 [Xen-changelog] Fix the ProtocolError seen when the server throws an exception and running Xen patchbot -unstable
11:43 [Xen-changelog] Fix xenconsoled when sending lots of console data to a domU. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:20 [Xen-changelog] Same panic() behaviour as native Linux when running as domain 0. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:19 [Xen-changelog] Xen waits 5 seconds to reboot when domain 0 crashes, giving Xen patchbot -unstable
March 29, 06
23:20 [Xen-changelog] Revert accidental commit. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:20 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:20 [Xen-changelog] Fix save/restore on 64-bit. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:19 [Xen-changelog] Fix save/restore bug; further rationalization of xenbus state machine Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] Free shadows of any pages which are released by a domain back to Xen. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] Re-arrange code for followup patch and remove extra shadow_lock in function which is only called with the lock already held. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:40 [Xen-changelog] Compute actual baud rate from UART divisor latch contents Xen patchbot -unstable
16:39 [Xen-changelog] Ensure curr_vcpu in domain.c is set correctly, even when Xen patchbot -unstable
15:27 [Xen-changelog] Make maximum number of supported physical CPUs a compile-time Xen patchbot -unstable
15:27 [Xen-changelog] Remove vcpu_avail from the public S-Expression that's passed over the wire. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:28 [Xen-changelog] SVM patch to update guest time with latest hvm modifications. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:27 [Xen-changelog] Some fixes to IRET hypercall and failsafe callback handlers: Xen patchbot -unstable
10:47 [Xen-changelog] Initialise p2m entries to INVALID_MFN and disable debug printk in pfn to mfn lookup. Xen patchbot -unstable
March 28, 06
21:43 [Xen-changelog] Fix get_page_type() when passed PGT_va_mutable. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:01 [Xen-changelog] Clean up and fix VCPU hotplug and SMP save/restore. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:53 [Xen-changelog] Change do_IRQ high bit masking. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:53 [Xen-changelog] The introduction of the SMI handling code added in cset 9371 is Xen patchbot -unstable
13:48 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
13:48 [Xen-changelog] Add missing -xen ia64 config file. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:48 [Xen-changelog] SVM only patch to fix location of PIO request RIP update. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:48 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:48 [Xen-changelog] Mention uClibc and buildroot configs. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:48 [Xen-changelog] Added README for the XenSource-hosted initrd. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:48 [Xen-changelog] Download the initrd from xm-test.xensource.com, unless otherwise specified. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:47 [Xen-changelog] Watch for @introduceDomain, for symmetry with the existing watch on Xen patchbot -unstable
13:47 [Xen-changelog] Have TCPXMLRPCServer inherit from SocketServer.ThreadingMixIn. This allows Xen patchbot -unstable
11:13 [Xen-changelog] Remove special handling of {set,clear}_in_cr4(). Xen patchbot -unstable
11:13 [Xen-changelog] Simplify the failsafe callback handler in x86/64 linux. It doesn't Xen patchbot -unstable
10:01 [Xen-changelog] Add -xen buildconfig for ia64 and tweak CONFIG_VT setup to avoid Xen patchbot -unstable
March 27, 06
23:07 [Xen-changelog] Make -xen default kernel compile on x86_64 by removing b44 module. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:09 [Xen-changelog] Whitespace. Xen patchbot -unstable
March 26, 06
12:42 [Xen-changelog] Fix 64-bit HVM guest debug via gdbserver: Xen patchbot -unstable
12:42 [Xen-changelog] Allow 64-bit Xen to run 64-bit hvm SMP guests. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:41 [Xen-changelog] Don't reclaim vcpus that are not put into use yet when destroying HVM Xen patchbot -unstable
12:41 [Xen-changelog] Fix build error with debug=y inxen/ia64 by moving Xen patchbot -unstable
12:41 [Xen-changelog] The attached patch to the qemu emulation of the pcnet hardware fixes Xen patchbot -unstable
11:41 [Xen-changelog] Add format printf attribute to panic() prototype and fix the error Xen patchbot -unstable
March 24, 06
22:47 [Xen-devel] BUILD BREAK (was Re: Switch the default build to make the -xen kernel, not the -xen0 and -xenU) Sean Dague
17:53 [Xen-changelog] Added tag 3.0.2-rc for changeset af0573e9e5258db0a9d28aa954dd302ddd2c2d23 Xen patchbot -unstable
17:53 [Xen-changelog] Switch the default build to make the -xen kernel, not the -xen0 and -xenU Xen patchbot -unstable
17:53 [Xen-changelog] Fix bug 515 by adding a global lock around the hotplug scripts in the non-udev hotplug case only. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:53 [Xen-changelog] 1) Introduce new exception type XendInvalidDomain that maps to the high level Xen patchbot -unstable
13:28 [Xen-changelog] Create /var/xen/dump/ during tools installation, or core files Xen patchbot -unstable
13:27 [Xen-changelog] Detect spurious faults taken in the hypervisor that are Xen patchbot -unstable
13:27 [Xen-changelog] This patch is mainly a cleanup of vmx related xentrace code. One minor Xen patchbot -unstable
13:27 [Xen-changelog] Update gdb documentation Xen patchbot -unstable
13:27 [Xen-changelog] The patch removes old Xenbus files, fixes 0 length mmu_updates table bug Xen patchbot -unstable
11:01 [Xen-changelog] Fix mini-os xenbus. Xen patchbot -unstable
March 23, 06
19:33 [Xen-changelog] Remove unnecessary zlib includes. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:33 [Xen-changelog] on_selected_cpus() must not send IPIs with empty target masks. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:32 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:32 [Xen-changelog] Remove undefined XFAIL_TESTS variable. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:32 [Xen-changelog] Remove undefined XFAIL_TESTS variable. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:31 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused variable. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:31 [Xen-changelog] Reduce spin-waiting in Xen serial driver: Xen patchbot -unstable
18:31 [Xen-changelog] Merge hvm_store_cpu_guest_regs() and hvm_store_cpu_guest_ctrl_regs() Xen patchbot -unstable
18:31 [Xen-changelog] Rename generic_page_range as apply_to_page_range, export the symbol Xen patchbot -unstable
16:48 Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [Xen-changelog] Added exception handler for ProtocolError. Ewan Mellor
16:26 [Xen-devel] Re: [Xen-changelog] Added exception handler for ProtocolError. Anthony Liguori
16:04 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:03 [Xen-changelog] Added copyright declaration for Christopher Clark, Andrew Tridgell. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:03 [Xen-changelog] Fix 2 VMX time-related bugs: Xen patchbot -unstable
16:03 [Xen-changelog] Use *args inside FAIL and SKIP so that it is possible to call these functions Xen patchbot -unstable
16:03 [Xen-changelog] Import the current version of talloc from the Samba 3 source base. This gives Xen patchbot -unstable
16:03 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:50 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:50 [Xen-changelog] Improve error handling, in particular fixing the ProtocolError that is thrown Xen patchbot -unstable
13:50 [Xen-changelog] Added exception handler for ProtocolError. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:50 [Xen-changelog] Added example config entries for xend-tcp-xmlrpc-server and Xen patchbot -unstable
13:49 [Xen-changelog] Use the string Error: rather than Xend has generated an internal Fault:. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:49 [Xen-changelog] Removed unused handler parameter from UnixXMLRPCServer interface -- just pass Xen patchbot -unstable
13:49 [Xen-changelog] Fix call to send_sysrq. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:49 [Xen-changelog] Use XML-RPC as a transport for Xend instead of S-Expression/HTTP. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:49 [Xen-changelog] Enable Windows PAE guest on x86-64. Deals with two issues: Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] Fix a Linux bug in the driver core in regards to the bind sysfs driver Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] Support late binding of PCI devices to the PCI backend driver in Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] The PCI Frontend doesn't properly clean-up PCI buses and their devices Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] SVM patch to fix guest time, including 64bit msr code - allowing 64bit Xen patchbot -unstable
10:49 [Xen-changelog] Fix build with crash_debug=y. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:49 [Xen-changelog] Update and extend netif transmit/receive flag names. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:55 [Xen-changelog] merge with xen-ia64-unstable.hg Xen patchbot -unstable
00:55 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] build xen_sysfs by default Xen patchbot -unstable
00:54 [Xen-changelog] merge xen-unstable.hg Xen patchbot -unstable
00:54 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Fixed VTI domain destruction Xen patchbot -unstable
00:54 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] dom0_max_vcpus and dom0 vcpus creation Xen patchbot -unstable
00:54 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
00:54 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] cleanup in domain.c Xen patchbot -unstable
00:54 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] cleanup of tlb.c Xen patchbot -unstable
00:54 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] remove linux/patch.c Xen patchbot -unstable
00:54 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] EFI_RESET_SYSTEM now reboots domU. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:54 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Hypercalls are only allowed by kernels. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:54 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Check privilege level for pal/sal/efi calls. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:53 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Replace huge if/else if with a switch. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:53 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] correct mistake from previous patch Xen patchbot -unstable
00:53 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Removed warning messages Xen patchbot -unstable
00:53 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Removed unnecessary header files Xen patchbot -unstable
March 22, 06
19:49 [Xen-changelog] Paravirtualise the CPUID instruction by forcing emulation with an invalid-opcode prefix. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:15 [Xen-changelog] Clean up netfront. Eliminate some macros in favour of inline functions. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:15 [Xen-changelog] Externally triggered reboot signal executes ctrl_alt_del() Xen patchbot -unstable
17:15 [Xen-changelog] Replace evtchn macro maze with static inline functions. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:37 [Xen-changelog] A few cleanups based on comments from Arjan van de Ven. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] Use shiny new mutexes instead of semaphores where possible in our Linux code. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] Licensing clarifications in Linux source files: Xen patchbot -unstable
10:55 [Xen-changelog] On x86/64 a domU kernel just sits around forever on a panic because Xen patchbot -unstable
10:55 [Xen-changelog] SVM patch to enable SMI intercept. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:55 [Xen-changelog] SVM patch to fix problem with evtchn/lost interrupts and re-enable hvm_safe_block(). Xen patchbot -unstable
10:55 [Xen-changelog] SVM patch to fix problem with instruction decode. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:51 [Xen-changelog] Prevent a stray error message in the case that either DISTDIR or Xen patchbot -unstable
02:51 [Xen-changelog] Clean up #include in init-xen.h. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:51 [Xen-changelog] The following patch adds support to vmxassist for SYSLINUX/ISOLINUX. This Xen patchbot -unstable
March 21, 06
23:35 [Xen-changelog] Fix a build problem when enabling XEN_SYSFS on xen/ia64. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:05 [Xen-changelog] The patch fixes a problem when testing for device /dev/tpm0. The API Xen patchbot -unstable
16:10 [Xen-changelog] Nanosecs not usecs in a time comment. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:10 [Xen-changelog] 'permitted_clock_jitter' units are nanoseconds not microseconds. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:10 [Xen-changelog] Remove import of xen.lowlevel.xc, left over from when ballooning was done here Xen patchbot -unstable
16:10 [Xen-changelog] Protect cleanupDomain with the refresh_shutdown_lock. This stops the device Xen patchbot -unstable
13:16 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:16 [Xen-changelog] Only send the OFFLINE hotplug event if be->netif is set. Firstly, this ensures Xen patchbot -unstable
13:16 [Xen-changelog] Fix the implicit declaration of function `swiotlb_init' warning, by including Xen patchbot -unstable
13:16 [Xen-changelog] Increase timeout while waiting for console/tty node to appear in the store: Xen patchbot -unstable
13:16 [Xen-changelog] Creates a module that exports Xen Hypervisor attributes to sysfs. The Xen patchbot -unstable
13:16 [Xen-changelog] Break out common parts of vtpm tests into new vtpm_utils library. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:16 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:16 [Xen-changelog] Stop the domain at the end of the test. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:16 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:16 [Xen-changelog] Since we now have general rules to build ALL_OBJS, we don't need to manually Xen patchbot -unstable
13:15 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:15 [Xen-changelog] Added -u flag (unsafe) to runtest.sh, to skip the sanity checks. This improves Xen patchbot -unstable
13:15 [Xen-changelog] Add a.out files to mercurial ignore list. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:15 [Xen-changelog] Update xen/ia64 to use the new build system. Fixes the ia64 build. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:15 [Xen-changelog] Fix a bug, and also fixes the build with some gcc4 versions. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:48 [Xen-changelog] The current ptrace code is traversing the page table structures to Xen patchbot -unstable
11:47 [Xen-changelog] New SMP IPI interface function called on_selected_cpus(), currently implemented Xen patchbot -unstable
09:59 [Xen-changelog] Put 03_vtpm-susp_res.py in its rightful place. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:51 [Xen-changelog] Test suspend and resume cycles of the TPM front- and backend. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:51 [Xen-changelog] Add an option to xmtest to report results to an alternative results repository. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:51 [Xen-changelog] Make sure the check to see if device is in use doesn't happen. We need Xen patchbot -unstable
01:51 [Xen-changelog] Remove obsolete startNow() method from XmTestDomain object. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:51 [Xen-changelog] Add mounting /sys for 2.6 xm-test images. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:51 [Xen-changelog] Patch to correct inconsistencies of xm-test reporting. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:49 [Xen-changelog] Update to Linux 2.6.16. Xen patchbot -unstable
March 20, 06
19:43 [Xen-changelog] Add missing empty ia64 files. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:43 [Xen-changelog] Some more build-system finessing: Xen patchbot -unstable
18:37 [Xen-changelog] Fix Xen target image dependencies. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:37 [Xen-changelog] Fix 64-bit build. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:37 [Xen-changelog] Upgrade genapic code to 2.6.16-rc6 codebase. Remove entries from Xen patchbot -unstable
12:09 [Xen-changelog] Fix a protocol violation in the pcnet emulation. Tested on at least Xen patchbot -unstable
12:09 [Xen-changelog] Add poll() support to xenbus device file. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:03 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:03 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused, broken, redundant and undocumented option xm create -L. Xen patchbot -unstable
March 19, 06
20:55 [Xen-changelog] Fix VMX guest can not be created on PAE xen with more than 4G RAM. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:23 [Xen-changelog] This patch fix HVM/VMX time resolution issue that cause IA32E complain Xen patchbot -unstable
17:39 [Xen-changelog] Abstract some details of context switching into ctxt_switch_from/to Xen patchbot -unstable
16:11 [Xen-changelog] Move arch/x86 to new build system. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:45 [Xen-changelog] Apply Xen build system changes to all non-arch subdirectories. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:45 [Xen-changelog] Conditionalize building the Xen ACPI driver. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:45 [Xen-changelog] Fix VMX EFER write logic. Also some cleanups. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:15 [Xen-changelog] Add back hvm guest apm support and fixed the original apm issues to Xen patchbot -unstable
March 18, 06
18:01 [Xen-changelog] linux-x86_64: Sync with native. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:41 [Xen-changelog] Fix a race that crash domU by calling xenbus_probe twice if it receive event Xen patchbot -unstable
11:24 [Xen-changelog] Move __do_IRQ() definition to ia64 header file where it belongs. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:24 [Xen-changelog] merge with xen-ia64-unstable.hg Xen patchbot -unstable
11:23 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
11:23 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] VT-i Domains should use same hvm builder as VT-x Xen patchbot -unstable
11:23 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] -mconstant-gp gcc/as option added. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:23 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] zero_page_memmap_ptr removed (was unused). Xen patchbot -unstable
11:23 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] fixed a vcpu_translate bug Xen patchbot -unstable
11:23 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Remove "#define page_info page" Xen patchbot -unstable
11:23 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] setting rr0 is not correctly emulated Xen patchbot -unstable
11:23 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Remove header files where "page" is used Xen patchbot -unstable
11:23 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] disable handling of legacy privified insns Xen patchbot -unstable
11:23 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] remaining privified insns removed Xen patchbot -unstable
11:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] new hyperprivop Xen patchbot -unstable
11:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] postat tool Xen patchbot -unstable
11:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Changed from page to page_info Xen patchbot -unstable
11:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] use of max_addr= & command line Xen patchbot -unstable
11:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] fix AFLAGS in Rules.mk Xen patchbot -unstable
11:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] cleanup in dom_fw.c Xen patchbot -unstable
11:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] LID virtualization Xen patchbot -unstable
11:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] dummy IO memmap entry Xen patchbot -unstable
11:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] remove warning of xen_init() Xen patchbot -unstable
11:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] warning cleanup Xen patchbot -unstable
11:21 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
11:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Turn off pending guest timer printk Xen patchbot -unstable
11:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Fixed PGT and PGC flags Xen patchbot -unstable
11:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Remove the last compile warnings Xen patchbot -unstable
11:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Remove unused and unwritten active_mm field of vcpu and domain. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] fix print out in ia64 setup_guest() Xen patchbot -unstable
11:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] compilation fix hypercall.h Xen patchbot -unstable
11:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] ia64 gdbstub compilation fix Xen patchbot -unstable
11:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Merge guest TR emulation Xen patchbot -unstable
11:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] domU destroy Xen patchbot -unstable
11:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] page ref counter Xen patchbot -unstable
11:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] in_tpa is now an argument of vcpu_translate Xen patchbot -unstable
11:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] user process should not crash Xen. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Remove warning in domain.c Xen patchbot -unstable
11:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] cleanups Xen patchbot -unstable
11:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] VTI: fix Oops: time tick before it's due Xen patchbot -unstable
11:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Some noisy traces removed. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Remove mmzone.h and warning:"MAX_ORDER" redefined Xen patchbot -unstable
11:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Guarantee VTi guest can get correct frequency base Xen patchbot -unstable
11:19 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
11:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] #if 0'd useless code in timer handled. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Warnings removal and small cleanups. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] fix INVALID_M2P_ENTRY and INVALID_M2P macro Xen patchbot -unstable
11:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] VTI: Use 16K page size to emulate guest physical mode Xen patchbot -unstable
11:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Avoid double reclaim dom0 image and dom0 initrd Xen patchbot -unstable
07:13 [Xen-changelog] Update to Linux 2.6.16-rc6. Xen patchbot -unstable
March 17, 06
18:24 [Xen-changelog] Fix VMX cpuid handling when EAX == 4. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:24 [Xen-changelog] Allows the hypervisor to build without warnings (wisely considered Xen patchbot -unstable
18:24 [Xen-changelog] Fix the gzip size extraction in xc_inflate_buffer(). Extract Xen patchbot -unstable
18:24 [Xen-changelog] Fix sched_sedf adjdom to properly clamp the period max value. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:24 [Xen-changelog] Declare inline function as 'static inline', not 'extern inline'. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:24 [Xen-changelog] Reinitialize producer and consumer index to 0 if indexes corruption are detected Xen patchbot -unstable
18:23 [Xen-changelog] Substitute kmalloc+memset by kzalloc where possible Xen patchbot -unstable
18:23 [Xen-changelog] Clean up HVM relinquish_guest_resources interface and implementation. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:23 [Xen-changelog] Add Summagraphics Tablet emulation for VNC users. The current PS/2 emulation Xen patchbot -unstable
18:23 [Xen-changelog] Change the VNC main input loop delay from 1 second down to 10 Xen patchbot -unstable
18:23 [Xen-changelog] Add a shadow VRAM to track changes to the real VRAM. When the guest Xen patchbot -unstable
18:23 [Xen-changelog] Explicitly include time.h to get gettimeofday declaration. Xen patchbot -unstable
March 16, 06
12:37 [Xen-changelog] pcifront poll loop now checks gettimeofday rather than jiffies, Xen patchbot -unstable
March 15, 06
22:41 [Xen-changelog] Implement console for Mini-os and also fix 2 bugs: Xen patchbot -unstable
22:41 [Xen-changelog] Make asm macros use the generally accepted comma-separated arg-passing style. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:29 [Xen-changelog] Update interface documentation to include sched_op_new hypercall Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] Remove unnecessary cr4 handling in vmx_set_cr0. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] fix buffer overflow in print XS_DEBUG command Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] move XS_DEBUG code into a proper function Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] Make MTU rx check in netfront more permissive to allow for 8021q vlan tagging. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused macro VMX_CPU_STATE_PG_ENABLED. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] Fix 64-bit build. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] Do not BUG when receiving unexpected message type from xenbus Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] There is no need to pin page tables when XENFEAT_writable_page_tables Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] Fix x86/64 HVM assertion failure. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] I've found it useful to display the panic message *before* dropping into the Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] Unlike x86 and apparently ia64, PowerPC delivers timer interrupts as a Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] Add extra tracing near a commonly-failing scheduler assertion. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:17 [Xen-changelog] Make MTU rx check in netfront more permissive to allow for 8021q vlan tagging. Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
March 14, 06
19:59 [Xen-changelog] Define a new sched_op hypercall called sched_op_new, which differs from the Xen patchbot -unstable
18:21 [Xen-changelog] Add a read barrier to the time-values-uptodate xenlinux time checking function. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:16 [Xen-changelog] Fix ASSERT failure caused by NX support code on x86_64 Xen patchbot -unstable
17:15 [Xen-changelog] When both stolen and blocked are rounded down, it is possible for the Xen patchbot -unstable
17:15 [Xen-changelog] Xen/ia64 build fixes. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:15 [Xen-changelog] Trivial ia64 tools build fix. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:15 [Xen-changelog] Fix a bug which occurs when Xen is compiled with debug=y. Destroying a Xen patchbot -unstable
17:15 [Xen-changelog] Fix the bug that hvm domain network breaks after xm reboot. Root Xen patchbot -unstable
17:15 [Xen-changelog] Fix build error with -Wstrict-prototype. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:15 [Xen-changelog] Fix memory leak in xc_domain_dumpcore and simplify copy_from_domain_page. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:15 [Xen-changelog] Fix a typo in a comment -- vmxloader is now hvmloader. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:15 [Xen-changelog] Fix PAE ptep_get_and_clear_full(). The fast path requires us to manually clear Xen patchbot -unstable
15:43 [Xen-changelog] Initialise blkfront_info to zeroes after allocating it. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:43 [Xen-changelog] Revert some of the bigger changes in c/s 9217 as these have been Xen patchbot -unstable
March 13, 06
15:25 [Xen-changelog] Clean up block-device hotplug routines in xenlinux. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:07 [Xen-changelog] Add a 't' debug key to Xen for displaying info about cross-cpu clock jitter. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:07 [Xen-changelog] Make time-backwarsd warning a run-time configurable option. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] The existing xc_domain_dumpcore is very specific to disk/file based Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] xm top was listed twice in the help message -- remove it from the Host Commands Xen patchbot -unstable
10:51 [Xen-changelog] Fix broken assertion in SEDF scheduler. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:49 [Xen-changelog] Avoid generating unknown backptrs for page directories. Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
00:57 [Xen-changelog] No need to pin/unpin intermediate pagetables in x86/64 xenlinux. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:57 [Xen-changelog] Ignore pinning of other than root page directories. Disallow Xen patchbot -unstable
March 12, 06
13:07 [Xen-changelog] Add missing include of a header file to avoid a compile warning. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:09 [Xen-changelog] pciback sends evtchn notification to pcifront when its request is processed. Xen patchbot -unstable
04:59 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
04:59 [Xen-changelog] Remove blank line -- this was causing all the tests to be run twice, because Xen patchbot -unstable
04:59 [Xen-changelog] HG Patch Xen patchbot -unstable
March 11, 06
13:59 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:58 [Xen-changelog] Define TESTS to be the .test files, not the .py files, otherwise the chmod +x Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] - Reworked to use your match_domid suggestion and filtering Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] Trivial fix to bind implementation. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] Minor fix to error message. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] Simplify the interface into httpserver and UnixHttpServer -- the root and Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] Untangle XendRoot and XendLogging by having XendLogging check the global Xen patchbot -unstable
11:57 [Xen-changelog] Changeset 9134 introduced a caching mechanism when xenbus_switch_state Xen patchbot -unstable
11:56 [Xen-changelog] Currently if one tries to execute VMX instruction from inside the Xen patchbot -unstable
10:50 [Xen-changelog] Enable the ejection of the physical cdrom tray, when user enters Xen patchbot -unstable
March 10, 06
19:50 [Xen-changelog] Avoid floating point in hash table implementation. Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
19:50 [Xen-changelog] Allow callers to XendClient.xend_list_domains to specify the detail flag, and Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
19:50 [Xen-changelog] Log the tdb_error when a read fails with EIO. This is happening after a long Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
19:50 [Xen-changelog] Change the way that reboot-timeouts are handled. Rather than refreshing the Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
19:49 [Xen-changelog] Added further integrity checking, this time checking for duplicate directory Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
19:49 [Xen-changelog] Cope when the filename returned by losetup for an existing loop device is not Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
19:49 [Xen-changelog] Cope if xenstore is down. Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
19:49 [Xen-changelog] Added hashtable implementation, to support the reachability check against the Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
19:49 [Xen-changelog] Fix violation of C90 mixed-code-and-declarations restriction. Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
19:49 [Xen-changelog] Fix printf. Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
19:49 [Xen-changelog] Added a basic integrity checker, and some basic ability to recover from store Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
19:49 [Xen-changelog] Silence the messages that are emitted when removing nodes that already have Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
19:49 [Xen-changelog] Avoid a race between Xend removing the vm entries corresponding to a domain, Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
19:49 [Xen-changelog] Break out the hotplug cleanup code into xen-hotplug-cleanup. Claim the block Xen patchbot -3 . 0-testing
18:31 [Xen-changelog] More build config changes: Xen patchbot -unstable
18:30 [Xen-changelog] Replace memory_op subcommands reserved_phys_area and map_shared_info Xen patchbot -unstable
14:52 [Xen-changelog] Map grant table pages in vmalloc kernel address space instead of fixmap. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:54 [Xen-changelog] The attached patch cleans up the parsing of /proc/xen/balloon that Xen patchbot -unstable
10:53 [Xen-changelog] Fix test 11_create_concurrent_ps.py for HVM domains. HVM can only Xen patchbot -unstable
09:15 [Xen-changelog] Clean the pending_intr processing sequence and fix some potential bugs. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:14 [Xen-changelog] Fix the gdbserver-xen for VMX guests. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:07 [Xen-changelog] This patch Xen patchbot -unstable
02:06 [Xen-changelog] Adding hping TCP and UDP tests. They hping a number of packets to Xen patchbot -unstable
02:06 [Xen-changelog] Fix xmtest 13_create_multinic_pos.py to work with HVM. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:16 [Xen-changelog] Fix a few small issues in xc_domain_dumpcore: Xen patchbot -unstable
00:16 [Xen-changelog] Move 'debug' build option into the outermost Config.mk file. Xen patchbot -unstable
March 09, 06
22:22 [Xen-changelog] Clean up the usage of CFLAGS. This is nice for packagers, who would Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] Change the location of the shared_info page for auto_translated_physmap guests. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:29 [Xen-changelog] Build MTRR support into privileged xenlinux x86/64. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:29 [Xen-changelog] Apply proper locking in xenlinux mtrr interface functions. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:29 [Xen-changelog] 64 bit pagetable builder added to mm.c Xen patchbot -unstable
16:29 [Xen-changelog] Explain disadvantages of building pciback as a module in Kconfig help. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:28 [Xen-changelog] Make xc_linux_build() load the initrd page-by-page rather Xen patchbot -unstable
15:22 [Xen-changelog] Clean up internal libxc functions to take 'const char *' Xen patchbot -unstable
15:22 [Xen-changelog] Add a parallel set of APIs to the domain builders to allow images and Xen patchbot -unstable
12:42 [Xen-changelog] Adds a new device interface to xend/xm similar to the one for ioports Xen patchbot -unstable
11:34 [Xen-changelog] According to the April 2005 Intel Virtualization Technology Specification Xen patchbot -unstable
11:34 [Xen-changelog] Fix order-of-evaluation issue in xc_domain_dumpcore. The intent is Xen patchbot -unstable
11:01 want to meet? Deana
03:24 [Xen-changelog] Clean up the interface for sharing xen-heap pages with guests. Xen patchbot -unstable
03:24 [Xen-changelog] Add missing include in hypercalls header file. Xen patchbot -unstable
March 08, 06
19:58 [Xen-changelog] Allow pciback to be built as a module. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:28 [Xen-changelog] Allow pciback to be placed into a permissive mode of operation whereby it allows Xen patchbot -unstable
17:21 [Xen-changelog] Trivial fix for pcifront bringup. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:21 [Xen-changelog] Fix call to set_timer in vlapic.c. Should not set timer.expires Xen patchbot -unstable
17:20 [Xen-changelog] Implement guest_access routines for copying to/from a sub-field of a structure. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:20 [Xen-changelog] Undo misapplied search replace. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:50 [Xen-changelog] Lower-casify some macros, and rename kernel_mode() to guest_kernel_mode(). Xen patchbot -unstable
12:09 [Xen-changelog] Update Xen extraversion to reflect unstable status. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:09 [Xen-changelog] The PAE guest can run on SMP 64-bit Xen0 now. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:09 [Xen-changelog] Keep totalram_pages in sync with current_pages in balloon driver. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:09 [Xen-changelog] Add some bounds checking to values passed when changing the period and Xen patchbot -unstable
12:09 [Xen-changelog] Ensure old Python files are overwritten during tools install. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:09 [Xen-changelog] Fix 64-bit Linux build. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:09 [Xen-changelog] Fix up #PF error code before propagating to guest kernel. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:08 [Xen-changelog] Clean up vlapic code. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:08 [Xen-changelog] Upgrade all hypercalls to use the new guest_handle interface (on the Xen side). Xen patchbot -unstable
March 07, 06
17:35 [Xen-changelog] Cleanup i386 entry.S. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:42 [Xen-changelog] Tighten up the assertion conditions in the GUEST_MODE() macro. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:42 [Xen-changelog] SVM patch to add missing svm_asid() call into 64bit exits.S vmexit loop. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:42 [Xen-changelog] Fix additional gdbstub issues. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:48 [Xen-changelog] Add next/previous key bindings to XenMon curses mode. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:48 [Xen-changelog] Fix reporting of time intervals in the log mode of XenMon. Xen patchbot -unstable
March 06, 06
21:56 [Xen-changelog] No need to re-set vm_pgoff before calling remap_pfn_range(). It will do Xen patchbot -unstable
21:56 [Xen-changelog] Make /proc/xen/xsd_kva with permissions 0600 so it can be opened Xen patchbot -unstable
19:56 [Xen-changelog] Simplify ptrace_names array declaration. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:56 [Xen-changelog] Cleanup whitespace. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:28 [Xen-changelog] Fix build with some gcc versions. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:33 [Xen-changelog] Update microcode.c to linux-2.6.16-rc5 codebase. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:32 [Xen-changelog] Allow NMI watchdog setup on newer P4 processors. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:32 [Xen-changelog] libxc: Verify Magic number when reading dump Xen patchbot -unstable
15:08 [Xen-changelog] Fix boot-memory layout description. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:40 [Xen-changelog] Consolidate xc_ptrace and xc_ptrace_core Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] libxc: xc_ptrace cleanups Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] Fix DBG_LEVEL_VLAPIC_INTERRUPT definition. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] Fix ia64 build. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] Fix mkelf32 cross compilation support. The previous fix for Xen patchbot -unstable
11:06 [Xen-changelog] Fix SVM guest destroy: I/O shared page is mapped globally so must unmap Xen patchbot -unstable
March 04, 06
19:32 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:32 [Xen-changelog] Allow callers to XendClient.xend_list_domains to specify the detail flag, and Xen patchbot -unstable
19:32 [Xen-changelog] Log the tdb_error when a read fails with EIO. This is happening after a long Xen patchbot -unstable
19:32 [Xen-changelog] Added a 'state' field to the xenbus_device structure, which caches the state Xen patchbot -unstable
11:44 [Xen-changelog] Make guest_access implementation arch-specific. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:26 [Xen-changelog] Fix some warnings when compiling tools. Xen patchbot -unstable
March 03, 06
20:43 [Xen-changelog] Rename guest_handle() macro to GUEST_HANDLE() and define_guest_handle() Xen patchbot -unstable
20:43 [Xen-changelog] /proc/xen/xsd_kva exports mmap interface that xenstored now uses to map the Xen patchbot -unstable
20:43 [Xen-changelog] Avoid floating point in hash table implementation. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:43 [Xen-changelog] Move dom0_op hypercall to the guest_handle interface (inside Xen). Xen patchbot -unstable
20:43 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:43 [Xen-changelog] Wait for the devices configured at start-up, before allowing the boot to Xen patchbot -unstable
20:42 [Xen-changelog] Change the way that reboot-timeouts are handled. Rather than refreshing the Xen patchbot -unstable
20:42 [Xen-changelog] Added further integrity checking, this time checking for duplicate directory Xen patchbot -unstable
20:42 [Xen-changelog] Cope when the filename returned by losetup for an existing loop device is not Xen patchbot -unstable
20:42 [Xen-changelog] Added hashtable implementation, to support the reachability check against the Xen patchbot -unstable
20:42 [Xen-changelog] Cope if xenstore is down. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:48 [Xen-changelog] Domain0 identifies IOAPIC by physical base address rather than BIOS-assigned identifier. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:48 [Xen-changelog] Clean up PIT-thru-ioapic setup. We don't need the legacy missed-tick Xen patchbot -unstable
14:27 [Xen-changelog] Minor enhancements to gdbbuild, the build script for gdbserver-xen. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:27 [Xen-changelog] It's not necessary to define a function for dumping virtual IOAPIC Xen patchbot -unstable
14:27 [Xen-changelog] Add a description of the virtual TPM interface to the interface Xen patchbot -unstable
14:27 [Xen-changelog] This patch undoes 8697 and makes xm reboot/shutdown work again. This code Xen patchbot -unstable
14:27 [Xen-changelog] Raises an explicit error message when the domain config file specifies Xen patchbot -unstable
14:27 [Xen-changelog] VTPM fixes: Xen patchbot -unstable
14:27 [Xen-changelog] Fix up some issues I found when porting PPC to the new common gdb stub code: Xen patchbot -unstable
14:27 [Xen-changelog] VTPM_Tools: Fix error when closing only vtpm, and fix restore bug when Xen patchbot -unstable
14:27 [Xen-changelog] Ignore external (user-provided) CFLAGS when building vmxassist and hvmloader. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:52 [Xen-changelog] Add a 'clear trap table' path to set_trap_table hypercall, taken when Xen patchbot -unstable
01:56 [Xen-changelog] Don't compile HVM_DBG_LOG into xen by default. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:56 [Xen-changelog] Fix libxc warnings with gcc-4.1 and glibc-2.3.90. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:56 [Xen-changelog] Many fixes and cleanups for lomount: Xen patchbot -unstable
01:56 [Xen-changelog] Change debug level of vmx_io_instruction to DBG_LEVEL_IO. Xen patchbot -unstable
March 02, 06
23:02 [Xen-changelog] Add empty files need to fix ia64 build. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:02 [Xen-changelog] Clean up use of wait_event_interruptible(). Xen patchbot -unstable
23:02 [Xen-changelog] linux-x86-64: eliminate duplicate exports Xen patchbot -unstable
23:02 [Xen-changelog] Remove unnecessary include statements. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:02 [Xen-changelog] linux: clean up setup_arch_post.h Xen patchbot -unstable
17:34 [Xen-changelog] While native code range-checks the requested address, possibly Xen patchbot -unstable
15:00 [Xen-changelog] A few changes to the new 'guest handle' interface: Xen patchbot -unstable
12:23 [Xen-changelog] Make sure that installed files have sensible permissions and are owned by the Xen patchbot -unstable
12:23 [Xen-changelog] Fix problems when creating HVM guest on PAE host with >4G physical memory. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:23 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
12:23 [Xen-changelog] Fix printing of u64 value 'msr_content' to use PRIx64 format. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:22 [Xen-changelog] Merge xen-ia64-unstable.hg Xen patchbot -unstable
12:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] sparse update for 2.6.16-rc5 Xen patchbot -unstable
12:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] default to SMP Xen patchbot -unstable
12:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Turn on CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_BACKEND Xen patchbot -unstable
12:22 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
12:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Every processor call xen_early_setup (required on SMP-guest to set ivt). Xen patchbot -unstable
12:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] warning cleanup Xen patchbot -unstable
12:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] VTI: updated vtlb, support_non_contiguous memory on vtidomain Xen patchbot -unstable
12:22 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Unused fields in mm_struct commented out. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Misc clean-up and warnings removal. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] xen_timer_interval removed (was not used). Xen patchbot -unstable
12:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] delivery_mask removed (was unused). Xen patchbot -unstable
12:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Found the lost memory Xen patchbot -unstable
12:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] cleanup warning in xen/ia64 (arch/ia64/xen) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] cleanup warning in xen/ia64 (arch/ia64/linux-xen) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] cleanup warning in xen/ia64 (arch/ia64/linux) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] cleanup warning in xen/ia64 (include/asm-ia64) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Cleanup hypercall.h Xen patchbot -unstable
12:21 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] fix SMP bug for vhpt Xen patchbot -unstable
12:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] warning removal: NR_CPUS Xen patchbot -unstable
12:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] SMP_HOST: Alloc vhpt from domheap Xen patchbot -unstable
12:20 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
12:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] SMP_HOST: map pal code on smp host Xen patchbot -unstable
12:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] VTI: Fix two bugs Xen patchbot -unstable
12:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Clean up warnings related to VTi code. (header files) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Clean up warnings related to VTi code. (C files) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] redefine raw_smp_processor_id() Xen patchbot -unstable
12:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] another one to remove unused linux files within xen/ia64 Xen patchbot -unstable
12:20 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Remove unused Linux stuff Xen patchbot -unstable
12:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] fix ia64 cset 8906 Xen patchbot -unstable
12:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] bug fix reserve_memory() Xen patchbot -unstable
12:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] import linux/include/asm-ia64/meminit.h from 2.6.16-rc3. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] minor bug fix in xensetup.S Xen patchbot -unstable
12:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] tlb miss fix Xen patchbot -unstable
12:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] acpi printf fix Xen patchbot -unstable
12:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] cleanup itir_ps(), itir_mask() Xen patchbot -unstable
12:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] hypercall cleanup Xen patchbot -unstable
12:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] assign_new_domain0_page Xen patchbot -unstable
12:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Provides right frequency ratio and base for VTi domain Xen patchbot -unstable
12:19 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] gcc-4.0 build fix Xen patchbot -unstable
12:18 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] add CONFIG_XEN to sal.c sparse file Xen patchbot -unstable
12:18 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
12:18 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] fixed switch to idle domain bug Xen patchbot -unstable
12:18 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] different type of argument in vcpu_set_gr() Xen patchbot -unstable
12:18 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] wrong type cast in ia64_hypercall Xen patchbot -unstable
12:18 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] declaration of metaphysical_rr Xen patchbot -unstable
12:18 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Fixed arch_domain_create Xen patchbot -unstable
12:18 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] Cleanup README.origin files Xen patchbot -unstable
12:18 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] cleanup extraneous function name change from upstream Xen patchbot -unstable
12:18 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] take start_info page from dom0 page not from xen heap. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] evtchn_ia64 spin lock - fix dead lock Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] zero clear page for pgd, pmd, pte. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] fix name conflict(map_domain_page) Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] remove CLONE_DOMAIN0 and DOMU_AUTO_RESTART for simplicity. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] remove set_gpfn_from_mfn from config.h Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] [IA64] added multicall Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] Fix violation of C90 mixed-code-and-declarations restriction. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:17 [Xen-changelog] Removing out-of-date unused file. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:16 [Xen-changelog] Fix printf. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:16 [Xen-changelog] Added a basic integrity checker, and some basic ability to recover from store Xen patchbot -unstable
12:16 [Xen-changelog] Silence the messages that are emitted when removing nodes that already have Xen patchbot -unstable
12:16 [Xen-changelog] Avoid a race between Xend removing the vm entries corresponding to a domain, Xen patchbot -unstable
00:44 [Xen-changelog] Fix problems with HVM PAE guests with >4GB memory. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:44 [Xen-changelog] Add SVM 32bit msr support (combined both 32bit with 64bit functions) Xen patchbot -unstable
00:44 [Xen-changelog] Clean up SVM 32-bit exits.S file (remove all tsc/fpu). Xen patchbot -unstable
March 01, 06
23:38 [Xen-changelog] Revert two uses of CONFIG_PAGING_LEVELS to CPP rather than C predicate. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:38 [Xen-changelog] map_domain_page() now handles running on idle page tables. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:38 [Xen-changelog] Disallow cmpxchg8b ptwr emulation for non-pae. Also a few cleanups. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:54 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused #include <sys/ioctl.h>. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:48 [Xen-changelog] Clean wrpt state when emulating CR3 write. Xen patchbot -unstable
03:52 [Xen-changelog] SVM patch to add 64bit hv support. Xen patchbot -unstable
03:52 [Xen-changelog] Allow tpmfront/tpmback to be built as modules. Xen patchbot -unstable
03:52 [Xen-changelog] Allow netback to be built as a module. Xen patchbot -unstable
03:52 [Xen-changelog] Allow blkback to be built as a module. Xen patchbot -unstable
02:16 [Xen-changelog] Avoid using unexported add_timer_on() function in netback driver. Xen patchbot -unstable

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