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Re: [Xen-devel] Support for mii_xxx functions?

> > Note also that we hope fairly soon (within the next few months) to
> > move all device drivers into "I/O domains" running outside of Xen in
> > ring 1. At that point we will hopefully be able to run Linux device
> > drivers unmodified, so this porting pain will no longer be necessary
> > :-)
> OK.  Is this work being done in the BK repository?  Is there a roadmap for
> the work?  Basically, how does one get involved in that effort? My only real
> goal with porting the 8139too was to learn Xen from the inside out?

This is more an interesting point of information than something
directly useful to external users right now. It's one of the areas
we're next planning to investigate within the lab --- it will be
checked nto the BK tree as we go if possible (ie. if it doesn't
destabilise the tree too much). 

However, I expect that it will be a few months at least before the
checked-in code is a viable replacement for the within-Xen drivers.

We'll keep you updated!

 -- Keir

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