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Re: [Xen-devel] balloon driver

> > hmm,
> > how do i use the balloon driver?
> > 
> > ./balloon inflate 1000
> > Unable to inflate balloon, error ffffffea
> Hmm indeed. I'm afraid its been ages since any of us tested
> the balloon driver, and I fear it may have rotted. The control
> interface need improving anyhow, so you could also control it
> from domain0.

Actually the problem is probably that each domain has a "max memory"
setting which is the maximum to which the balloon can be
inflated. Currently I believe this is always set to the initial memory
size (ie. the balloon can only be deflated, and then inflated back up
to its original size).

This can easily be fixed (eg. another argument to xi_build). I'll look
into it this afternoon.

 -- Keir

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