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Re: [Xen-devel] Junk mail?

> Is this list open so that anyone can post messages without being 
> subscribed?  I've gotten 2 messages through this list so far that are 
> definitely spam.

Sourceforge mailing lists use SpamAssasin to try to filter spam
going to lists -- it catches around 4 messages a day, which get
forwarded to me for manual inspection and discard. Unfortunately,
the odd spam still gets through.

I was hoping to leave the lists in 'anyone can post' mode, as
with some other mailing lists I actually prefer to be able to
post to the list then just monitor responses via the web
archive. As an aside, Sourceforge seem to have real problems with
their web mail archives: The xen-devel archive has disappeared
three times in the last fortnight, and only come back after
support requests were made. The archive is currently unavailable.
I suppose you get what you pay for ;-)

I have been rather disappointed with the amount of spam getting
though, and am certainly considering putting the list into
'members only' mode. 


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