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Re: [Xen-devel] Please help on Xen installation

> In any case, I am eager to try so I selected my home pc as a testbed to
> install Xen again. It's
> a normal PC running Redhat 9. After I put the two gzip files into /boot
> and configured GRUB, everything seemed good. I was really happy to see it
> actually booted (halfway though). Then shortly, it rebooted automatically.

Hmm, you're not having much luck - sorry.

I can see a couple of things in the Linux boot messages that
might be the cause. I may be wrong, but I'm not sure we've ever
booted Xen on an SiS chipset machine. It boots fine on a wide
variety of machines (even laptops!) but some PC hardware is just
too weird.

Your SiS IDE controller would be my first concern. Although Xen
doesn't have DMA support for it, I'd have hoped it would have
worked fine in PIO mode.

There's not currently an ne2k ethernet driver, though that
certainly shouldn't be causing the machine to crash. (BTW,
porting the driver from Linux should be easy).

Is there any way you could get a serial terminal connected to it
to catch Xen's boot output? 


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