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Re: [Xen-devel] Please help on Xen installation

On Thu, 9 Oct 2003, Ian Pratt wrote:

> > In any case, I am eager to try so I selected my home pc as a testbed to
> > install Xen again. It's
> > a normal PC running Redhat 9. After I put the two gzip files into /boot
> > and configured GRUB, everything seemed good. I was really happy to see it
> > actually booted (halfway though). Then shortly, it rebooted automatically.
> Hmm, you're not having much luck - sorry.
> I can see a couple of things in the Linux boot messages that
> might be the cause. I may be wrong, but I'm not sure we've ever
> booted Xen on an SiS chipset machine. It boots fine on a wide
> variety of machines (even laptops!) but some PC hardware is just
> too weird.
> Your SiS IDE controller would be my first concern. Although Xen
> doesn't have DMA support for it, I'd have hoped it would have
> worked fine in PIO mode.
> There's not currently an ne2k ethernet driver, though that
> certainly shouldn't be causing the machine to crash. (BTW,
> porting the driver from Linux should be easy).
> Is there any way you could get a serial terminal connected to it
> to catch Xen's boot output?

Not my home PC. I will try to install Xen on another cluster of PCs in the
lab. :-) But I will wait for Keir's patch first. Very curious to see why I
can't boot.


> Best,
> Ian

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