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Re: [Xen-devel] illegal page update with latest xen-unstable

> Just checked out the latest xen-unstable this morning and am getting some 
> interesting (read: bad) behavior...
> The easiest way to reproduce the error is to just run 'make' in the 
> xeno-unstable.bk tools directory.  The ant run hangs, and when I kill it
> (both at console or from ssh) I get a machine reboot.

Hmm... some nasty bugs :-(

Two things to try:

 1. Some more things have been fixed today. Try pulling and testing
    the latest tree. I can't reproduce the problem but then I'm using
    different binaries and libraries.
 2. If you still get the "illegal page update request", recompile
    xen/common/memory.c with MEM_LOG compiled in. This requires you to
    change '#if 0' in that file to '#if 1'.

I hope this helps!


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