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Re: [Xen-devel] illegal page update with latest xen-unstable

> Hmm... some nasty bugs :-(

Yup.  I was surprised, it'd been running pretty well with the 1.0, but a lot
of what I'm interested in requires the vbd stuff.  

> Two things to try:
>  1. Some more things have been fixed today. Try pulling and testing
>     the latest tree. I can't reproduce the problem but then I'm using
>     different binaries and libraries.

Done, no change, unfortunately.  For what it's worth I'm using libc 2.3.1
and gcc 3.2.2, from the slack 9.0 builds, in domain 0.

>  2. If you still get the "illegal page update request", recompile
>     xen/common/memory.c with MEM_LOG compiled in. This requires you to
>     change '#if 0' in that file to '#if 1'.

Ok, the only new output that generated was:

DOM0: (file=memory.c, line=504) Bad page type/count (06000000!=07000000) cnt=1  
DOM0 FATAL ERROR: Illegal page update request  

Hope that helps track it down, if I have time I'll poke in the source too but
am just doing this as a hobby alongside work at the moment.

I can include complete boot logs if it'll help, but didn't want to flood them
if it wasn't going to be useful.


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