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Re: [Xen-devel] illegal page update with latest xen-unstable

> > Hmm... some nasty bugs :-(
> Yup.  I was surprised, it'd been running pretty well with the 1.0, but a lot
> of what I'm interested in requires the vbd stuff.  

The unstable tree is getting a lot of new stuff added each day. This
is bound to cause some problems. I'm hoping to stabilise it somewhat
now -- shake out some of the nastier bugs -- and then declare a
semi-stable release as a sanity checkpoint for future development.
> Done, no change, unfortunately.  For what it's worth I'm using libc 2.3.1
> and gcc 3.2.2, from the slack 9.0 builds, in domain 0.
> DOM0: (file=memory.c, line=504) Bad page type/count (06000000!=07000000) 
> cnt=1  
> DOM0 FATAL ERROR: Illegal page update request  
> Hope that helps track it down, if I have time I'll poke in the source too but
> am just doing this as a hobby alongside work at the moment.

This tells me that the bug is within the support for local descriptor
tables (LDTs), which are used by some versions of glibc
linuxthreads. Unfortunately, the versions we have installed on our
machines seem to not use LDTs :-(

It would be interesting to know what version of the tree you first saw
the bug on ('bk sccslog' executed at the root of the repository tells
you the last changeset that was checked in).

It's possible you picked up a set which introduced a new bug, which
I've just a checked in a fix for. You may want to pull the fix and try
it out.

If the bug is still present then I can add some extra debugging to
help us sort this out.


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