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Re: [Xen-devel] Kernel panic while compiling kernel

On Wednesday 11 February 2004 12:22, Keir Fraser wrote:
> Hmmm... well we know there are bugs in Xen v1.3, but v1.2 has been
> stable for a while now (it passes our regression tests).
> If you can, turn on debugging in Xen (edit arch/i386/Rules.mk and
> remove -DNDEBUG from CFLAGS), re-compile, and send us the full serial
> output for a Xen/Xenolinxu session which includes this crash.

Here come the latest update:

- I have compiled Xen + XenoLinux with GCC 2.95.3
- tg3 works (although debug is still on so this one is not definitive)
- after starting DOM1, it starts booting and then panics with mmu error I was 
getting yesterday in DOM0 (although different address)
- it restarts and restarts until it manages to survive the boot process
- domain-1.log is the complete log until domain is successfully booted 
- then I torture it a little, some from DOM0 some from DOMx
- after few disk i/o and cpu tests everything is working stable ( find / -exec 
ls -l {} \; , bzip2-c /dev/zero >/dev/null )
- then I started yast2 runlevel editor (gave me 100% panic probability 
yesterday) - the same, panic
- domain-2.log is the log starting with panic caused by runlevel editor 
followed by one unsuccessful boot (again)
- then I tried to run runlevel editor in DOM0:
DOM0: Kernel panic: Failed mmu update: c013eea8, 4
Domain 0 killed: rebooting machine!

So, I was unable to find the exact load pattern which causes the crash. But if 
there is any test you want me to do I will be glad to do it.

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