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Re: [Xen-devel] xc_domain_create problem

> Ah... Actually there was a wafeur-thin change to the Xen
> interface. I've checked it into the 1.2 repository now. If you pull
> the fix and rebuild Xen then all should be fine. :-)

I've verified that the fault that was introduced yesterday into
the tools in the 1.2 tree is now fixed. I've updated the tar ball
on the downloads page too.

Apologies to all who were effected by the bug. We decided that it
would be sensible to backport a couple of minor internal
interface changes from the 1.3 tree so that we could keep all of
the user-space python tools identical in both trees. Although its
very late in the release cycle, we thought the change wouldn't be
visible to anyone in user space, and the benefits of maintaining
future tool compatibility would be well worthwhile.
Unfortunately, the cset didn't quite get this right...


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