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Re: Subject: Re: [Xen-devel] Creating a local network within the GuestOS and r outing to an ext ernal network

> While I agree that network-level filtering is an important part
> of a complete system, I'm not so sure that it belongs in the
> core, priveleged portion of xen.

Then you'll be happy to here that this functionality is moving
outside Xen and into a 'driver domain' in the new IO model.
> This is, of course, my opinion. The Xen developers may be on a completely 
> different page here, especially with regard to other issues (speed) that may 
> conflict with the criteria of ease of analysis. 

I'm confident we can move this functionality into driver domains
without loosing much performance. Stay tuned.

> I'd be curious to know if formal analysis is something that
> people are thinking about.

I'd love to see this happen, but I think even the complexity of
something simple like Xen is beyond what current verification
tools can cope with. In the meantime, I think if we just stare at
the code really hard...


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