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Re: [Xen-devel] megaraid problem on hp netserver lh6000 - ignorebiostables o.k.

> > i prepared two LH6000/4CPU/4GB for XEN-production :o(
> > so what next?
> > XEN1.2 democd ... linux 2.4.24
> Please boot linux and send us the output of dmesg, "lspci -v" and
> "cat /proc/cpuinfo"
> It sounds like the BIOS is passing in some weird stuff in the
> tables. dmesg output may help us pin this down. It might be worth
> doing a BIOS upgrade if one is available.
the latest BIOS/Firmware-upgrades are done

   BIOS       4.06.45S
   MngmtCtrl. E.10.44
   Netraid    B.02.04

> We run Xen on HP DL360's but have never seen a netserver lh6000.
> Ian

one more debug info:
   same error for Adaptec7880 and megaraid

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