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Re: [Xen-devel] megaraid problem on hp netserver lh6000 - ignorebiostables o.k.

> > > i prepared two LH6000/4CPU/4GB for XEN-production :o(
> > > so what next?

Judging from the Linux boot output, this looks like a 5 (!) CPU
system. Is this correct? 

You're definitely outside the tested envelope with this system...

A few things to try:

1) Remove half the RAM (2GB). We have some 4GB systems that work
fine, but its possible there's a clash with IO memory space.

2) Remove all but one of the Ethernet cards. Multiple Ethernet
cards shouldn't cause problems, but we've never used multiple of
these particular cards. (You can't currently use more than one
card anyhow, but this will be fixed relatively soon)

3) Boot a 2.4.16 version of Linux (e.g. from the 1.0
XenDemoCD). If that fails, step forward versions until you find
the one where it starts working. (It's probably a BIOS table or
weird APIC issue)

4) Boot Xen with a serial line connected so that you can capture
the serial output to send to us.


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