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Re: [Xen-devel] /etc/xc/defaults question..

On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Keir Fraser wrote:

> It doesn't matter -- it's not /really/ SCSI. It's just the name the
> teh virtual device appears as in the other guest. What you do need to
> change is:
>  vbd_list = [ ('phy:sda%d'%(7+vnid),'sda1','w'), ('phy:sda6','sda6','r') ]
>                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                    ^^^^
> The former binds the name 'sda1' in the guest to real physical device
> sda(7+vmid), and 'sda6' to realy physical device sda6. These need to
> be changed to appropriate partitions on hda.


  vbd_list = [ ('phy:hda1','sda1','w'), ('phy:hda1','sda6','r') ]

might be an appropriate entry as I have one IDE disk (hda) with root-fs
on /dev/hda1


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