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Re: [Xen-devel] /etc/xc/defaults question..

>   vbd_list = [ ('phy:hda1','sda1','w'), ('phy:hda1','sda6','r') ]
> might be an appropriate entry as I have one IDE disk (hda) with root-fs
> on /dev/hda1
> ?

I don't know enough about your setup to know what you should
have, but this is almost certainly wrong: you're trying to make
real physcial partition hda1 visible to the domain as both sda1
and sda6.

Are you trying to have a a separate writeable root and read-only
/usr partion?  

You do realise that the writeable partition must not be the same
partition that you're using for domain0's root? You need to make
a copy.


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