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Re: [Xen-devel] New Domain

> Thanks, I am clear on this now.
> Another question, could you help me look at the "xen_read_console" output?
> It's in the attachement.
> The output of xc_dom_create -Dvmid=1 is as follows:
>         ./xc_dom_create.py -Dvmid=1
>         Parsing config file '/etc/xc/defaults'
>         VM image           : "/boot/xenolinux.gz"
>         VM ramdisk         : ""
>         VM memory (MB)     : "16"
>         VM IP address(es)  : ""
>         VM block device(s) : "phy:hda11,hda11,w"
>         VM cmdline         :
>         "ip=
>         root=/dev/hda11 ro 4 VMID=1"
>         VM started in domain 1
> The ifcfg-eth0 is using static IP address, not DHCP.
> Seems that the new domain starts with no problem, but I couldn't ping & ssh
> into it.

If you're giving the domain a LAN-visible static IP address, you
probably don't want to bother with the 169.254/16 address at all in

What have you got in your vfr_ipaddr line? What is the output of
running 'ifconfig' and 'route -n' in domain 0?




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