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[Xen-devel] New Domain

Thanks, I am clear on this now.

Another question, could you help me look at the "xen_read_console" output?
It's in the attachement.
The output of xc_dom_create -Dvmid=1 is as follows:
        ./xc_dom_create.py -Dvmid=1
        Parsing config file '/etc/xc/defaults'
        VM image           : "/boot/xenolinux.gz"
        VM ramdisk         : ""
        VM memory (MB)     : "16"
        VM IP address(es)  : ""
        VM block device(s) : "phy:hda11,hda11,w"
        VM cmdline         :
        root=/dev/hda11 ro 4 VMID=1"
        VM started in domain 1

The ifcfg-eth0 is using static IP address, not DHCP.
Seems that the new domain starts with no problem, but I couldn't ping & ssh
into it.

Thanks for your help.


> The vbd_list consists of entries of the form
>      (<real device>, <virt device>, <mode>)
> where <real device> is the name of the device (disk, partition, whatever)
> under 'normal' linux, or from the first xenolinux (domain 0), and
> <virt device> is the name you want the new domain (e.g. domain 1) to
> refer to it as, and <mode> is 'w' for read-write or 'r' for read-only.
> Hence the first item in each entry in vbd_list will be a "real physical
> partition", but the others will not. No real device should appear more
> than once (since that means you would be trying to let the new domain
> access the same device more than once, which is bad), and no virt device
> should appear more than once (since this means you have conflicting ideas
> about what that device should be mapped to).
> Furthermore, any [real] device should be accessed either exactly once
> in read-write mode (by all domains), or may be accessed read-only by
> as many domains as you like.
> Hence your setup
> > >   vbd_list = [ ('phy:hda1','sda1','w'), ('phy:hda1','sda6','r') ]
> is definitely wrong since (a) it attempts to export the same real device
> phy:hda1 more than once and (b) it attempts to export a device both
> read-only and read-write.
> >And what the "cmdline_root" should be?
> This should be the 'virt device' you have set up to point to a real
> device that has a root file system for that domain on it.
> There's more information in the HOWTOs, FAQs and READMEs.
> S.

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