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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen cpu usage limting

> I was also wondering if there is a way to assign a percentage of cpu time
> to a domain. Eg guarantee domain 3 gets 25% of the cpu time no matter how
> many other domains are in there, or how much cpu time they want.

The Atropos scheduler allows you to specify that a domain should receive x 
nanoseconds of CPU time per y nanoseconds of real time, i.e. what share of the 
CPU a domain gets and how regularly it gets scheduled.  Don't overcommit the 
CPU, though (i.e. reserve more than [100 minus a small margin for overheads] 
percent in total across all domains).

You can select Atropos using sched=atropos as a boot param to Xen.  The 
administrator tools (xc_dom_control.py and friends) don't have support for 
actually configuring it yet (though there's some library calls available in 
the Python Xc module if you want to write your own script) but I'll be 
checking in basic support early next week.



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