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[Xen-devel] Re: Xen user faq by Jan van Rensburg

Definitly will. :) I wasn't aware that there already was a faq besides the
two that were on the xen homepage.

I'd welcome any updates taht you have for it as well.

I started a section listing companies that offer Xen based virtual server
hosting. So if you or anyone else knows of any companies, please feel free
to add them to the list.

I plan to start reading the development docs next week so that I can begin
pulling them into the wiki as well in a "developer's docs corner".

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Jan van Rensburg said:
> Brian,
> I've done basically the same thing with the Xen FAQ. I've watched the
> list and updated the FAQ as new questions came along. In order to
> centralize the Xen documentation, won't you pull the Xen FAQ into the
> wiki? It can be found here:
> http://xen.epiuse.com/xen-faq.txt
> Once you're done that I'll replace the FAQ with an automatic redirect
> to your page. The FAQ was last updated about 3 months ago (Sorry
> everybody about that! Work got a bit hectic).
> Jan
>> Message: 1
>> Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 12:31:02 -0500 (CDT)
>> From: "Brian Wolfe" <brianw@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> To: xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Subject: [Xen-devel] xen wiki site available http://xen.terrabox.com
>> http://xen.terrabox.com
>> I will attempt to keep the site updated based on the xen-devel list
>> traffic. If anyone wants to contribute, feel free. Eventually I will
>> get
>> the main sections locked down. But until then, i'm leaving them open so
>> that anyone that gets bored can easilly update, correct, etc what I
>> have
>> up there.
>> The ultimate goal of the wiki site is to provide as much information
>> about
>> Xen as possible in a format that is easilly understood.
>> Curent sections planned:
>>   Resource links as the homepage (downloads, official docs, Distro
>> Packages, FAQs, mailing lists, companies offering xen based hosting)
>>   Documentation: Official text files, paginated with cross links, and
>> man
>> pages of every program/daemon/config file.
>>   Debian Packages: sources.list entries
>>   Xen FAQ: Standard paginated faq of common questions from xen-devel.
>>   Mailing Lists: list of sites archiving xen mailing lists and
>> subscription management links.
>>   Companies offering xen hosting: table of company, url, price range,
>> and
>> notes.
>> It is my ultimate goal to provide an easilly maintained resource that
>> will
>> serve as the basis of the end user/administrator documentation as well
>> as
>> FAQ and other associated resources.
>> Any advice is desired and welcome, especially considering that I am
>> new to
>> phpwiki. :)
>> --
>> Brian Wolfe           | Phone 1-(214)-764-1204
>> President,            | Email  brianw@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>> TerraBox.com Inc.     |

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