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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen cpu usage limting

Yikes! Is this where that saying "be carefull what you wish for" comes
into play?  :)

I hope you didn't push this out just because I asked about the schedulers.
I'd feel kind of guilty of making ya'lls work go in the direction i'm
asking about.

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Mark Williamson said:
> OK, the scheduler-related updates I mentioned have been pushed now.
> There's
> some (brief!) scheduler documentation in docs/Sched-HOWTO.txt and
> xc_dom_control.py can now set parameters for Atropos and Round-robin, as
> well
> as BVT.
> The scheduler control interface is rather "raw" at the moment.  At some
> stage
> we're planning some friendlier controls for the scheduler so it'll get
> easier
> to use and harder to shoot yourself in the foot ;-)
> If you have any problems, yell!
> Have fun,
> Mark

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