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[Xen-devel] Re: Need help..

I have the partitions for separate / and /usr for domain-1
but no luck with domain-1 boot success. Domain-0 error about sharing
partitons across domians is gone though. So, I would like to know
how does exactly domain-1 boots(or will) based on the info in it's
/ partition or domain-0 / partiotion.

1. Does it use the /boot/grub info of either dom0 or dom1?
2. Does it use the /etc/fstab entries of dom0 or dom1?

Any other ideas involved that might significant here?


On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, I RATTAN wrote:

> I am back to trying xen-1.2 and need a little(?) help.
> Hard disk config:
> hda1 (primary swap), hda2(extended): had5(/, 1Gb), hda6(/usr, 2Gb),
> hda7(1Gb), hda8(1Gb)
> Installed Fedora-core-1 using / and /usr
> Downloaded precompiled xen-1.2-install.tar.gz
> Installed it
> Able to boot domain-0
> How do I put root partition info for dom1 on partition hda8
> I tried dd if=/dev/hda5 of=/dev/hda8 bs=1024
>   aborts with I/O error after copying the file system
>   (mount says that it is invalid FS etc..)
> Is there another way? Just want to see if I can boot one more
> domain other than domain-0.
> -ishwar

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