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Re: [Xen-devel] problems with latest unstable

> > The lack of DOM0 output with the non debug build suggests that
> > Linux is dieing before its got the console subsystem up (which
> > happens annoyingly late in the init sequence.
> I may just be passing the wrong parameter to grub, com1 is what is
> mentioned in the HOWTO, that doesn't appear to be correct.

If you're getting serial output from Xen, then the parameters on
the Xen command line must be OK. You should get console ouput
from xenolinux with console=xencons0

> Probably. Might "set_tid_address()" or "set_thread_area()" be the
> offender?

As I recall, these are in 2.6, but not 2.4 (unless you have a
redhat megapatch kernel).

libc decides at runtime which of the many thread local storage
schemes to use based on a wide range of inputs: kernel version,
syscall existence, cpu feature set, ldlibary cache, phase of the
moon, price of eggs, etc.

I expect it's using the one that involves the 'modify_ldt'
syscall, but might be using fs/gs in some new and exciting way
that we've yet to encounter on our systems...


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