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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen+coLinux / terminology

> > I felt that probably there is misunderstanding
> > about terminology of Xen.

> >   Xen        --- Host OS. Modified version of Linux.

It's incorrect to think of Xen as a modified version of Linux. It
may share some start of day initialisation code with Linux, and
even some device drivers, but the core is very different, and
much, much smaller -- it's a Virtual Machine Monitor, not a
full-blown OS.

>   Xeno*      --- Prefix for Guest OS.
>   XenoLinux  --- Linux Guest.
>   XenoXP     --- Windows XP Guest. We can not touch it due to NDA.
>   XenoBSD    --- Planned BSD Guest name which the Xen team suggested
>                  in a their paper.
>   NetBSD/Xen --- Actual NetBSD Guest. Why it is not XenoNetBSD?

The Xeno prefixes come from Xen's heritage in the XenoServer
project. "XenLinux" would be a better name were we to pick it
today, but I can't muster enthusiasm to change it.

>   XenoServer --- A server which runs Xen.
>                  I dont understand why this is not XenServer.
>                  probably, most people call it so.

The XenoServer project is just one of many different uses of
Xen. It's developing a whole load of extra control-plane software
that runs on top of Xen, with the aim of building an open
infrastructure for global distributed computing. The goal is to
enable any suitably authenticated member of the public or other
entity to be able to reserve and *purchase* resources on a
network of XenoServer execution platforms distributed across the
globe.  Thus, users (or agents acting on their behalf) will be
able to arrange for computation to take place at the most
advantageous place in the Internet, avoiding long round trip
latencies or bandwidth bottlenecks.

You can call a machine that runs Xen anything you like ;-)


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