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Re: [Xen-devel] telnet xend

> I now have secondary domains up and running with iSCSI luns as the root
> device. DOM1 doesn't appear to have any difficulty saturating the
> iSCSI initiator.
> I'm extremely pleased.

Great! Just to check I understand what you're doing: you're
running an iSCSI initiator in dom0 that is talking to an iSCSI
disk array over GigE, and then re-exporting this as xen block
devices to other domains. (?)

Which iSCSI initiator are you using? Do you know of a compatible
iSCSI target (disk) implementation for Linux? (for those of us
that don't have an iSCSI arry to play with.

Do you know of any iSCSI initiator implementations that support
root fs on iSCSI? (I know this isn't relevant for your setup in
dom0, but in some circumstances it would be nice to have the
domains talking direct.


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