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Re: [Xen-devel] telnet xend

> Great! Just to check I understand what you're doing: you're
> running an iSCSI initiator in dom0 that is talking to an iSCSI
> disk array over GigE, and then re-exporting this as xen block
> devices to other domains. (?)

I'm using Adaptec's iSCSI hardware initiator. The driver is the latest
version I downloaded from their website. A NetApp filer is the device
exporting LUNs over iSCSI.

> Which iSCSI initiator are you using? Do you know of a compatible
> iSCSI target (disk) implementation for Linux? (for those of us
> that don't have an iSCSI arry to play with.

I can provide a user-mode version if a working Linux one isn't found.
The UNH code is not the cleanest. The few people I know who've tried it
have had problems.

> Do you know of any iSCSI initiator implementations that support
> root fs on iSCSI? (I know this isn't relevant for your setup in
> dom0, but in some circumstances it would be nice to have the
> domains talking direct.

The HW initiator can supposedly boot off of LUNs now. Britt Bolen -
mentioned in another e-mail figuring out the contortions required to get
iSCSI root with the Cisco initiator.


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