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Re: [Xen-devel] Error creating block interface

> After switching to standard paritions for the time being
> (i'll get evms - which i used to use before the rebuild
> anyway - up and running once i've got all this figured
> out), my VM is now starting ok, and i'm getting console
> output via TCP. however...

For the time being, build an unprivileged version of xenolinux to
use in domains other than 0 (i.e. no drivers). Look in the
defconfigs directory to find such a config.

The problem is that some of the drivers that are built into the
dom0 version of xenolinux try using inb/outb to probe their
hardware. If the domain has insufficient privileged this
generates a GPF, causing the domain to commit suicide. Keir is
planing on adding a GPF handler that spots failing inb/outb and
returns 'ff', causing the probe to fail.


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