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[Xen-devel] Using the C library

I made some progress. But not the way I think it should be...

There goes the code:

#include <xc.h>

int main()
  int xc_handle;
  int mem_kb = 16384;
  char name[32] = "Maquina virtual";
  u64 domid;
  xc_vbdextent_t extent;

  extent.real_device = 0x0300;
  extent.start_sector = 53319798;
  extent.nr_sectors = 1188746;

  xc_handle = xc_interface_open();

  xc_domain_create(xc_handle, mem_kb, name, &domid);
  xc_linux_build(xc_handle,domid,"/boot/xenolinux.gz","","root=/dev/hda3 ro 

With the xen_read_console, I see the system booting correctly. The problem is 
that the real_device I'm using is hda. Becouse 0x0307 with start_sector 0 
work. So, I made fdisk -lu /dev/hda and got the starting sector of hda7. It 
be painfull to do it like this, because of the final complexity (this is just a 
starting test).

The other problem is that I didn't figure out how to setup the networking.

PS: In the previeus message, I said the wrong partitions... What I really want 
is phy:hda7,hda3.


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