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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen-Unstable : strange power cycling problem

> I will try to get a serial console setup on Monday to collect crash dump. 
> Will it dump it by default on serial console before rebooting though? 

If you configure the Xen serial console "com1=115200,8n1" you
should get a crash dump. There are some very rare circumstances
where this doesn't happen, but I suspect that you'll get an Oops
from domain 0, then Xen saying "domain 0 exited, rebooting
machine". Hopefully the crash dump will tell us why dom0 exited. 

BTW: Are you using one of our pre-compiled xen and xenlinux
images? We'll need the vmlinux-syms file to interpret the crash

> No SMP, it's a single processor machine. BTW, I had mentioned watchdog in 
> grub boot line, when it happened (though i am not sure where watchdog is 
> supposed to log?)

The watchdog will detect and generate a crash dump if certain
types of deadlock occur. It's unlikely to help debug this
particular problem.

> Do you guys get similar problem on your systems, or is it just me..

I've just ssh'ed into dom0 for dom1 just fine. I haven't seen a
bug for quite sometime, and I've been thrashing the system pretty


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