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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen-Unstable : strange power cycling problem

I will try to get a serial console setup on Monday to collect crash dump. Will it dump it by default on serial console before rebooting though?
No SMP, it's a single processor machine. BTW, I had mentioned watchdog in grub boot line, when it happened (though i am not sure where watchdog is supposed to log?)
No, it's not a generic networking problem.. it comes only when I try to connect to dom0 from dom1. Other cases like, connecting to another machine from dom1, and conencting to dom1 from other machine works fine.  I will try connecting to dom1 from dom0 and see what happens.
Do you guys get similar problem on your systems, or is it just me..

Ian Pratt <Ian.Pratt@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This is obviously very concerning. Would it be possible for you
to connect a serial console to collect a crash dump? You'll need
to put "com1=115200,8n1" on the xen grub line.

Because dom0 owns the VGA console, Xen isn't easily able to do a
crash dump to it. Hmm, maybe Xen should try snatching it back in
the event of a crash, but this wouldn't work if the display was
running X anyhow.

Is your machine multiprocessor? If so, can you reproduce with
"nosmp" on the Xen command line?

It seems rather more likely that you're experiencing a general
networking problem rather than something specific to incoming
connections. Please can you test this by trying to exercise
networking e.g. using ttcp.

Although it won't help with this particular problem, its always
worth running with "watchdog" enabled. [There's a strong argument
for making this the default.]


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