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[Xen-devel] 2 problems in -unstable so far

I'm not updating for now as I'm trying to get going, and don't want to 
throw an update into my mess. 

So far I've seen this: 
- incorrect usage of ffs(). Xen code in my tree assumes ffs() is 1-based, 
  and it is 0-based (from intel manual and my testing). Try this
  and see what you get. I get 0. Xen assumes 1 AFAIK. P4 manual says 0 is 
- This is odd. Port 0 for guest > 0 is hardwired to be:
                ECS_VIRQ (this is set when guest>0 is set up)
  when I try to send a CMSG, and do a notify via the event channel, the
  evtchn_send fails because it wants type ECS_INTERDOMAIN .
  from my reading of the code, port 0 is trying to carry two roles:
  the interdomain port and the VIRQ port for stuff like MISDIRECT.
  It can't do both. Which should it be doing? Should you be setting up 
  two ports, one for VIRQ and one for interdomain stuff? Either way, 
  it looks wrong to me. Or am I missing something? 



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